Career in Material Science

Career in Material Science: In the coming times a career in material sciences will be one of the most upcoming and highly rewarding careers. The intervention of advance technology in material science has created immense opportunities fin numerous allied fields for people who have opted for a career in material sciences. You need lot of grit and determination besides in-depth knowledge of material science in order to gain recognition and success in this career.

Materials scientists are generally employed by the industry or in big research laboratories where the main focus is on developing the product related technologies. Persistence and continued effort will only reap benefits. Materials science is one of the most stimulating career areas in science and one reason for its upcoming popularity is that it combines applications from various scientific disciplines which lead to the development of new polymeric materials

A career in Materials scientists is very satisfying especially when one sees his novel idea being developed from the basic microstructure research and reaches to the manufacturing stage leading to the commercialization of the product which is made of the developed material.


One year postgraduate program is designed to provide the science graduates especially students who are deeply interested in chemistry, with in depth study of materials science, and ultimately prepares them for a career in Material science. A broad base is needed through degrees in physics, engineering, or chemistry. Once equipped with a deep base of scientific knowledge, one can focus on acquiring more specific skills that will be in demand by the industry. Excellent verbal and written communication skills are needed since the material scientists need to work in teams and with people in various other disciplines.

Employment opportunities

A career in Materials science enables you to take employment in companies which manufacture products made of ceramics, metals, and rubber, and biologic industries which design materials that are similar to human tissues needed for implants and prosthetic. They get the opportunity to work in industries which make superconducting materials, graphite materials, integrated-circuit chips, and fuel cells. Since there is a strong connection of materials science to products in the marketplace this career opens more job opportunities than in other areas of science.

In the future this career will pave way for working in the one of the greatest and fastest moving industrial sectors. This career has a positive future job outlook with global companies and opens door for financial success.

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