Career in Mechanical Engineering

Engineering is broadly classified into several branches that a student can select from to pursue their career like mechanical, civil aerospace, biotech, electrical, chemical, materials, nuclear, etc. To pursue a career in engineering a student needs to excel in Math and Science and also needs to be creative. Depending on his interests, he can opt for his subject of engineering. With technology advancing day by day, an engineer is the most demanded profile in the job market and is well paid.

The most commonly opted branch of study is Mechanical Engineering by students all over. It is one of the oldest and broadest engineering disciplines. It involves with design, production, analyzing and use of tools and machines, installation, operation and maintenance of mechanical systems like boilers, heat engines, air conditioners, refrigerators, machine tools, thermal power stations and many more. The foundation subjects of this branch of engineering are Kinematics, dynamics, statics, Energy conversion, mechanics, manufacturing and production, refrigeration and air conditioning.

Mechanical Engineering can be traced back several thousand years around the world. It was the works of Archimedes which deeply influenced the mechanics in western tradition and credit to the creation of the first steam engine goes to Heron of Alexandria. Modern Mechanical Engineering rather started during the industrial revolution in Europe in the 18th century. It developed as a separate field dealing with tools and machines. In 1917, was established the first British professional society for mechanical engineers. The first factory for grinding machines was developed by Johann Von Zimmermann in 1848, at Chemnitz in Germany.

Mechanical Engineering degrees are offered at universities world over and the student who opts for the program and successfully completes it is awarded Bachelor degree in Engineering, Technology or Applied Science. A mechanical engineer develops and applies new knowledge to produce and maintain safer, qualitative and more efficient tools and mechanical systems. Mechanical Engineers play a pivotal role in automotive, aerospace, biotechnology, computers and electronics, Microelectromechanical systems or MEMS, energy conversion, environmental control, automation and manufacturing industries. In short, mechanical engineering deals with machines of all types that need to be created and maintained for the development of the society and mankind.

With increasing demand of technology and machines, mechanical engineering jobs are in high demand all over the world and acquiring the right skills and techniques one can definitely land up with a high paid job.

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this is shri krishna singh i m mechanical engineer i hav 32 yr experance in this feild i want to switch my job so,if anyone intrested cal me


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