Career in Mining

Career in Mining: If you are passionate about mining and acquire the technical knowledge to sustain your passion then a career in mining will give you the unique opportunity to accomplish your ambition. There are numerous exciting job avenues available in the global mining industry as you opt for a career in mining.

A career in mining is quite demanding and you should be physically fit to do the intense physical work required in some areas of mining. However there are other fields in mining also which do not need physical strength t but require intense mental alertness and strength. With advancement in technology the mining industry has evolved and now it is safer and healthier.

The more experience you gain in the mining field, the more chances you get to earn money since you can move to a higher pay scale and to a better grade. Though entry level jobs are also available but they do not offer enough money. Many companies offer training programs which help you to gain experience sand mining skills.

Mining professionals who have upgraded their skillets and have practical knowledge about specific fields of Geosciences including the exploration sector are in great demand. Even efficient drillers, electricians, mechanics, and expert artisans are keenly sought after by leading global mining as well as mineral exploration companies. Even the smaller mining companies pay substantial salaries and pay packages to mining professionals

Besides mining skills and technical expertise, if you have sufficient knowledge about, security, logistics, supply chain or facilities management, there are numerous job opportunities. A career in mining attracts premium packages where you can work as a tunnelling specialist, mill supervisor, drive dump trucks or a mine captain.

Career Prospects

Career opportunities for young people who want to work in the mining industry are immense not only in India but in countries such as Africa, South East Asia, Central Asia, Australia and beyond. The aspiring graduates with a keen sense of adventure coupled with technical skills get lot of employment opportunities which would fulfil their dreams. The financial remunerations are excellent, the overall facilities and packages are adequate and the benefits are more than generous. You have the choice to sign a working contract with your employers for a limited period or work as a mining professional on a permanent basis.

This career is most rewarding for experienced Mining Professionals with technical expertise since they get the opportunity to go to distant places and get deep job satisfaction in addition to excellent pay packages.

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