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Career In Nursing : No other occupation can be as benign and righteous as nursing can prove to be and the profession has gained much recognition and popularity, especially after the contribution of legendary English nurse called Florence Nightingale, who has redefined the meaning of modern nursing. The work of a nurse however noble involves the greatest form of sensitivity and responsibility as it consists of all activities and tasks revolving around taking care of patients who are suffering from various physical and psychological ailments and pains.

Restoring back normalcy and well-being into a person’s life that have already lost all hopes to live and be normal is certainly the toughest task and requires great amount of devotion, dedication and empathy. Nurses that are rightly called the ‘angels of mercy’ who with their love, caring and healing touch bring back people to life and normal existence. The profession of nursing requires the nurses to not only take care of the general necessities and health of the patients but also to monitor their health progress, reaction to medicines and reporting about the same to the doctors.

In many cases, the nurses even prescribe medicines to the patients in regular intervals according to their health conditions and assist the patients to move and be ready for the various tests and medical examinations accordingly. They play a very important role inside the operation theatres and assist the surgeons in numerous steps during the surgery and when it is over, it is them who take care of the patients and aims at getting them aback at their feet once again.

One interested in this special humanitarian field of career can also acquire specialization in specific areas like midwifery, cardiac care, child care, pediatrics, orthopedics, intensive care etc. Apart from these aspects nurses should also keep them aware and knowledgeable about the latest medical equipments and technological developments used for important examinations as well as highest level of first-aid information and so on. There are various professional and after-schooling courses like Auxiliary Nurse Midwife/ Health Worker (ANM) and the General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM) program, that provide diplomas like required training and academic background needed to do well in nursing career.

Nursing is certainly the best occupation for people who have an innate knack for serving humanity with undying zeal, passion, compassion and tenacity and an unmatched level of patience and kindness. Although, it is not a very highly paid occupation, but the nature of job will allow you to live a life full of meaning, blessings and positive feelings towards oneself and the society.

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