Career in Nutrition and Dietetics

Nutrition and Dietetics : Keeping oneself healthy and fit has crept in today’s world like never before. It has made almost all the individual to embark upon various health tips to keep one fit and healthy. Dietetics is defined as the science of having food in the correct proportions and nutrition is basically used for health enhancement.

With such popularity which has been gained din the domain of health recently, no wonder this has come up as one of the most promising and lucrative careers, where one has lots of prospects of growing in life. Though this is relatively a new profession, but it has tremendous scope for growth and development.

With the growing importance being given to the food we eat, how we eat and what quantity to be eaten, individuals have become pretty much conscious about the same. Let’s discuss in brief what all comes under this domain and what it is all about:
• This domain is aimed to promote health by having food in the right proportions.
• Improve the quality of life.
• Aids individuals in planning their diet chart according to the age group they belong to.
• They also prescribe diet when an individual faces any ailments.
• Provide counseling to the individuals who are stuck with diet issues.
• Provide instructions of better and good eating habits by the various researches they perform.
• They also provide the diet chart and nutrition regime for patients.
• They also fix nutrition regimes for players and athletes.

If you are one who is interested in this domain, then below are few places where you can study the same for taking up this career.
• The AIIHPH or the All India Institute of Hygiene and Public health located in Kolkata where you would find courses which have a one year diploma on Dietetics. The eligibility criteria which they have is a Bachelor in Medicine & Surgery (recogonised by the Council of Medicine or a degree in Chemistry or Clincial degree would serve the purpose).
• University of Home Economics based in New Delhi which is under the Delhi University also provides a diploma course in Dietetics & Public Health & Nutrition. They look for any eligibility of passing higher secondary with science stream.
• The Lady Irwin College based in New Delhi also offers courses in Dietetics, which again is a diploma course with higher secondary pass with science stream as the eligibility criteria.

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