Career In Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum Engineering: Since time immemorial, petroleum is rightly considered as ‘liquid gold’ for its world-wide value, importance and the energy provided by it towards our everyday life and locomotion. The single existence of petroleum in galore has made the Saudi-Arabian nations a center of highest forms of material gains. The significance of petroleum calls for the role and contribution of engineers who deal with petroleum. However, in spite of the fact that petroleum engineering offers demanding and lucrative career options for many enthusiast of this filed, not enough information is available about it.

A petroleum engineer primarily deals with discovery and location of petroleum fields and examining the nature and quality of oil present therein, followed by its most profitable usability through further processes like distillation, purification etc. The job also entails the engineers’ requirements of acquired skills in order to develop and analyze latest machinations, techniques and equipments which are used for extraction, processing and distillation of the oil from its mother-source till the final destination where it is used directly. The best part about the career of a petroleum engineer is the opportunity to get hired by global oil companies as well as chances to have a travelling-oriented profession; providing enough excitement and challenges to interested candidates.

The two parts in which petroleum engineering is divided are ‘Upstream Sector’ which deals with oil-related activities like exploration, production and exploitation of petroleum for extracting maximum quantity, output and profit from the processes of drilling and geophysical techniques, and ‘Downstream Sector’ which involves tasks like refining, marketing and distributing the products manufactured out of petroleum and this surely requires some management and marketing knowledge and degree for the engineer.

Petroleum without doubt is the most sought-after chemical of recent time and in a way our life runs with its provided power. Be it our kitchen gas, or vehicle fuel or various other products that we use in our day to day life, petroleum is omnipresent in our domestic and social life, apart from being of great use to several other metallurgical and chemical processes and experiments. A person before pursuing this field of career must judge and take into accounts certain aspects which include self-analysis of personal skills and knacks and aptitudes to take this option forward as a profession.

Apart from this one has to consider other pros and cons of this career as well, like the prospects of living overseas and the kind of concentration, dedication and responsibility the job demands. It is a job that asks for high-precision, accuracy, and expertise, in order to prove itself as a highly-paid profession.

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