Career in Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy; once considered as the subject of simple massage now recognized as one of the most positive healing therapies. People of ancient stage thought this field as a method of curing various types of sudden joint aches or chronic pains in bones and mussels. But now it becomes a separate science with a distinct mark in the field of therapies. And that is why now this part of treatment is considered as a significant profession by the young people.

Physiotherapy has several and complex specialized applications. Being a popular alternative health service, physiotherapy gives a wide scope for the talented professionals to set their feet well in this field. The pattern of jobs is also numerous and vivid in this field.

After completing your regular study till 10+2 you can join the specialized course of physiotherapy. If you are studying life sciences like biology, anatomy, etc. in your 10+2 course then you have fair chances of getting into specialized Physiotherapy course. There are two levels of higher qualifications in physiotherapy, one is the Bachelor Degree of physiotherapy and the second one is Masters in Physiotherapy. Obviously there are other internship and specialized courses to obtain more knowledge in that field. It will cost something between 2 to 5 lakh fair a higher course in physiotherapy in India.

The scope of employment after finishing the course successfully is very high. Due to the stressed and irregular lifestyle getting muscular skeletal problems become quite normal now. Backaches, stiff shoulders, knees with osteoarthritis and frozen neck are the most common health issue of our modern life. So the demand of a well trained and efficient physiotherapist is very high in the market. Apart form private practice a physiotherapist has sufficient job prospects in Hospitals, Nursing homes, Residential homes, Rehabilitation centers, Private offices and many more place to name. They can even try their luck in different types of games as the physical and fitness instructor of the teams or players. They can join any collage of physiotherapy as professor and share their experiences and knowledge. Whether attached with some health care institutions or doing it as a freelancer, the scope of getting good income is huge here.

But one thing is for sure and that is this section of job needs a through practice and only regular practical experience of work can provide you your desire ranking in this field as a physiotherapist.

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