Career In Retail Management

Retail Management : Retail sector has grown like never before. Retailing implies selling stuffs for the needs of customers at prices which are reasonable and affordable for them. This has evolved as one of the most dynamic and lively industry of the world. These serve as one of the most vital sectors for the development of a nation.

Few tit bits on career in retail:
• This is mainly an industry which is service oriented.
• This has a lot to do with customer interaction.
• The store manager who plays a vital role in this sector is the one who takes care of almost all the daily operations within the retail store.
• All the employees who work in the retail store are required to report to the store manager. He is the one who presides over all.
• A store manager directly reports to the area manager of the same retail store. This is not same in small business, where probably the owner might take care of the same roles.
• In few big retail chains the store manager is also designated as the general manger or the store director.

Few eligibility criteria for taking up the retail management career:

Educational qualification which are required for a retail career:
• Any degree or diploma level program with retail management specialization.
• MBA with retail management as a specialization.
• Post graduate diploma courses are also available with retail management specializations.
• The MBA RM student needs to crack the national level entrance tests like that of the CAT, XAT and MAT and many others to get an admission for the retail management courses.

Skills required for a career in retail management
• The most important skill for a retail management student is the interactive skill. This is essential as the whole work deals with customer interaction. If you are not good at interacting with people, then this job would not be the ideal one for you. SO think twice before opting for this career.
• This is a complete NO job for all those introverts out there who are shy of facing new people.
• You should also have the quality of convincing people with ease so that you can easily make purchase the stuffs kept in your retail store.
• The ability to mingle with others is also an essential quality which is required by all those candidates who aspire for a retail management career.

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