Career in Securities Analysis

Career in Securities Analysis: There are numerous fields of career opportunities but most of the people don’t realize that it exists. If a person is well organized and detail-oriented, then he can pursue a career in securities analysis. In the modern set-up, investing capital in the stock markets is considered to be an intense challenge even for experienced professionals. It is no surprise that career in securities analysis might be a hard-hitting task for a lot of individuals. This course particularly provides theoretical clarity, comprehensive coverage and in-depth knowledge with utmost prominence on student-friendly approach.

Description of the course: Security analysis course mainly focuses on evaluation as well as pricing of securities. It also provides a base for the ones who desire to track a sound career in the quickly increasing sphere of equity analysis. Moreover, security analysis is an inclusive subject that necessitates essential understanding and knowledge for examining diverse investment options, building and managing huge investment portfolios.

Objective of the course: At present, the Indian economy has actually created a bang in the investment market. A relatively high non-refundable income and improved levels of consciousness among Indians have attracted them to invest in the financial markets. By undertaking this course, the investors always want to seek expert advice from experienced professionals on issues such as investment planning, straightforward information regarding which securities to acquire or sell and tax planning.

Market Demand: Security analysis course is established for the new applicants in the financial service industry. The applicants after completing their final year in B. Com or M. Com or MBA etc want to develop their interest in the field of financial planning / portfolio management / wealth management / equity research / corporate finance. The increase in the investments and the investors in today’s markets have brought abundant prospects for finance as well as tax advisors. The field of securities analysis has become very huge. A person can very well start off a career in this field by being an investment advisor, thereby by having an understanding about the rhythm of the market.

Outcome of the course: After the successful completion of security analysis course, an individual is awarded a Diploma in Security Analysis. They can easily find excellent jobs in any brokerage firm, investment banks, securities firms or merchant banks. They also have a provision of stating their own firm.  Once an individual gains relevant experience and understanding in this field, he is capable of becoming a senior financial associate or come across finance assistant employment in any corporate sector.

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