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Teaching : It has been concerned as one of the noblest of profession among all the others. This has been there since the dawn of history. Spreading knowledge is considered as one of the most noble deeds and the one who does is the same also falls in the same category. Every year you would find thousands of candidates who enroll into various teaching courses with the aim to become teachers in future, but the most important thing which has to be considered here is that, you need to opt for a subject on which you would specialize. You also should keep in mind that the subject you choose should be interesting to you else you would no job satisfaction while you would be doing the same in future.

The recent government statistics state that most of the certified school teachers are not working in the country. They get hold of the degree and look for opportunities outside the state. This has been very much prevalent nowadays, with the hype to earn money abroad.

Apart from the teaching jobs which one can get in tutorials, schools and colleges, one can also opt for online teachings which are very much prevalent nowadays. With the widespread usage of internet, it has been seen that students avail the assistance of teachers across the globe as distance does not count with technology at such heights.

Few of the courses in teaching are names as under:

• Pre-primary: This are mostly related to vocational teachings for candidates which looks for an eligibility of higher secondary pass with at least a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate.
• Primary teacher trainings: These are meant for teachers who have a diploma in education or have a bachelor’s degree in education. They can teach primary classes.
• Secondary teachers and senior secondary teachers: as the name signifies, they are basically teachers who teach the higher classes. They possess a B Ed degree.
• Correspondence courses: few courses are available where you can get the degree though flexible modes of learning. But again these courses are meant for the working teachers and not for freshers.
• Lecturer’s: They teachers are highly qualified and teach in colleges with the respective specialization’s they have taken. They need to qualify the NET which is conducted by the UGC, CSIR or other national or state levels tests to qualify to become a lecturer.
• Apart from this, you also have the others like that of the nursery teachers who are well versed in teaching toddlers.

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