Career in Website Development

Career in Website Development

Internet is a revolutionary invention of the decade and a must have these days. The subsequent necessity of website development has underlined numerous career prospects for the seekers. The various employment opportunities are explored in profiles such as web designers, content developers, webmasters, web engineers, programmers and web developers. The nature of job is different in each profile but makes a rewarding career.

Web development is a career that keeps you busy from web design to content management, website maintenance. Greater dedication is required in the initial stage when a website is being designed. You might be paid according to the number of hours if it is a freelance work. You need to get some training in the beginning as a web developer. There are numerous websites giving opportunities to people.

Aptitude requirements: The basic skills requisite for web development:

  1. You must be acquainted with Programming Basic to make a mark in website development. To start with you can go for C and C++, then Java. Python is the simplest language in case you aspire to learn programming. Syntax is also an easy to understand language for the beginners.
  2. 2. HTML & CSS are other challenges that need to be covered within a week or two, these aren’t programming languages so don’t require much time to grasp. CSS however takes more time to understand to the core.
  3. 3. SQL is a data management web application that you require to understand the data manipulation on the web. This is better understood learning SQL.
  4. 4. Framework is like building a castle and hence the most important block you should be well versed with. For developing any application framework knowledge is necessary. They speed up the development progress in standard applications. PHP, ruby, Java and CSS are popular server side scripting languages to start with.
  5. 5. CMS or content management system is an easy to install application that can be very useful for non-tech people. It manages the website and is very easy to install.
  6. 6. RIA development or rich internet application is another application requisite to give an exciting user experience. These are built online and break the barrier between desktop and online applications.
  7. 7. Social network application is an interesting and exciting work to do if you are a social person and like hanging out there on Facebook. It you can take advantage of learning API which can be an open source of certain websites.
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