Central Reserve Police Force

Things you need to know about the Central Reserve Police Force:

The Central Reserve Police Force is the official police force in India that helps the government protect its people from possible harm and terrorism. Also, they help maintain peace and order as well as promulgate the law to its people. They are also working hand in hand with international organizations like the United Nations and have taken part of the peacekeeping missions.

Central Reserve Police Force did not have its name until India’s independence. It was then called the Crown Representative’s Police way back July 27, 1939. And by December 28, 1949, it was then called the CRPF. Since then, this police form is known to be the largest force in the world because they have about 210 battalions headed by a Commandant. And since it is a big organization, there are 10 sectors for administrative poses. The Inspector General is the one heading the post along with Deputy Inspectors. Above all, each member of the Central Reserve Police Force will be under the Direct General.

For Indian men and women to take part in the Central Reserve Police Force, there are career opportunities for them. In their main website, there are in need for sub-inspectors, tradesman, contractual Specialists Doctors and many others. These positions will be open for men and women. However, for brave souls who wish to work in the field and protect their country and people, they need to attend trainings and join courses to become a full-pledged police.

The Internal Security Academy is the place where they train. They are taught to handle important people as well as protect areas where peace and order seldom takes place. The ISA was established in 1975 at Mount Abu. This was set up by the Central Reserve Police Force along with the Government of India to train the police aspirants from the fundamental steps to the difficult ones. There are 4 courses offered which are the basic course, in-service, specialized courses and the pre-promotional courses.

The training lasts for 55 weeks. But in the 13th week, trainees will be exposed to the practical aspect of the course. This gives them a chance to see and experience first-hand what it feels to be a member of the Central Reserve Police Force. The training seems rigid and there are strict rules to be followed especially in absences and performance. Also, there are only certain numbers of clothing to be brought and each trainee should be physically fit and should get vaccinations. There are also perks in the training which involves allowances or salaries. They can have it on the third month and in that 55-week training, each trainee should do their best to work for the Central Reserve Police Force after completing the course.

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