CISF Inspector and Sub-Inspectors (Fire Wing) Examination

The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) conducts examinations across India as a means for people to join a pool of applicants who are qualified for certain job vacancies offered. Among the institutions, the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) is one of them. The CISF is a paramilitary unit leading its branch among the other security forces in India. Another reason for Indians to join this unit is that the CISF is considered to be one of the world’s largest security forces in the industrial sector; of course willing applicants still have to pass the CISF Inspector and Sub-Inspectors (Fire Wing) Examination.

The CISF Inspector and Sub-Inspectors (Fire Wing) Examination is open to applicants who have met the requirements of their desired position in the CISF, and have been accordingly deemed eligible to take the examination. Qualified applicants are those that have graduated from an accredited academic institution or have met the minimum educational requirements for the applicant’s desired position in the CISF.

To apply for the CISF Inspector and Sub-Inspectors (Fire Wing) Examination, the applicant must first secure an application form to determine their eligibility. The application form must first be accomplished completely and legibly, no other person must accomplish the application form as it must be completed with the applicant’s own handwriting. In the instance of an error, corrections should still be legible and appropriately countersigned to verify the correction. Applicants may either accomplish the application form in English or in the local Hindi language. No other language shall be used else the application will be held invalid.

In cases where in the applicants for the CISF Inspector and Sub-Inspectors (Fire Wing) Examination exceed the capacity at which the exam may be delivered, a screening shall take place in the form of a written exam acting as the preliminary test before undertaking the complete examination. Priority shall be given to those who have passed the exam with satisfactory remarks and have completed all the necessary documentation. Applicants who have failed to meet these requirements will be said to be ineligible and will have to reapply for the next examination date.

Applications for the exam must be submitted to the designated testing centers (testing centers are assigned per region). If applications were to be submitted to a testing center other than those which were designated in your area, the application will be held invalid. There are a number of testing centers across the country, and if you are unsure about the application procedure, they will willingly accommodate your inquiries.

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