Combined Engineering Services

Information and Qualification for the Combined Engineering Services Examinations in India:

The combined engineering services examination is again being conducted by the Union Public Services Commission of India or the UPSC. This will enable a person to enter engineering services such as the following listed below:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering

All successful passer of the combined engineering services examination will have a special post on the following fields distributed in the government agencies of India. Please refer to the list below:

  • Indian railway system
  • Central engineering service
  • Survey of India
  • Indian Ordinance Factories
  • Military Engineering Services
  • Indian Telecommunication Service
  • Central Power Engineering Service
  • Central Water Engineering Services

These are just some of the most common designations for successful passers whose aim is to make India competitive when it comes to their infrastructures to the whole world.

To apply for the combined engineering services examination, you must wait for a notification from the Union Public Service Commission of India which is usually announced during the months of December or January through their public news and reputable newspapers. Once announced, go to the nearest Head post office near you to obtain an application form with a corresponding payment of Rs. 100. Put all of the necessary information in the application form and mail it to the Secretary of the Union Public Service on or before the deadline which will be included in the application form.

Before thinking of applying, make sure that you are eligible to take the test. Please refer to the list below for the following eligibility:

  1. You must be a graduate of Engineering from a known and reputable college or university in India.
  2. You must belong to the bracket of sections A and B of the institution of Engineers in India.
  3. If you obtained your degree of Engineering from a foreign country, your school, college or university must be known to the government of India.
  4. You must have passed India’s Membership examination of the institute of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineers
  5. You must pass the part 2 and 3  or sections A and B in the Associate membership examinations of the aeronautical society based in India as well as the Institution of Mechanical Engineers
  6. You must also succeed in the membership examination of the Institution of Electronics and Radio Engineers that was hosted in London in 1959.
  7. Must be and Indian citizen
  8. And your age bracket should not go below or beyond 21 to 30 to be eligible for the combined engineering services examination.
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