Common Entrance Examinations for Designing (CEED)

Common Entrance Examinations for Designing (CEED):

With the growing population of the globalized world the most populated theme is related to fashion. People starting from the infant to old, are really interested in fashion. Education concentrated to this sector is becoming more popular and attractive with the demand of the world.

Several reasons are there to choose fashion designing field such as self interest due to attractiveness of the field and high income that would be earned through in the field of fashion designing. The carriers related to fashion designing can be described as follows;

  • Design Product Management
  • Quality control and planning
  • Textile science
  • Fabric design
  • Fashion accessory design
  • Fashion theory…etc

Fashion designing courses provide opportunities for the people in the world to enter the arena of fashion. In most of the countries courses of fashion designing conducted under the faculty of Architecture due to its innovative nature. Students for these courses are selected through an aptitude test and this test is conducted by both government and privet sector institutions. The tests are generally called common entrance examinations. Key institutions for fashion designing courses in India are National Institute of Fashion and Technology Army Institute of Fashion and Design, National Institute of Design, etc…

Type of designing courses;

  1. B. Design courses – contain subjects are fashion designing, Leather Designing, Accessory…etc.
  2. B.F.Tech courses –contain subjects of Apparel productions
  3. M.F.Tech courses –Contain subjects relevant to the Master of fashion technologies

CEED assess candidates’skills in the area of creativity, technical skills, analytical skills etc. There may be online or offline examinations and question modules for these examinations can be described as follows;

  1. Quantitative questions- Addition division, multiplication, ratio, geometry etc…
  2. General knowledge testing questions- culture, art etc…
  3. Communication skill testing questions- meanings of words, presentation, etc…

Eligibility of the candidates for these courses can be described in two levels.

  1. Diploma level courses- completion of recognized higher studies by the institute
  2. Graduate level- completion of recognized higher studies by the institute and accepted merits
  3. Post graduate level- recognized graduate level qualifications by the institute

For this courses student can apply either online or offline. The application forms can be collected by the relevant institution or as well as can be downloaded through the website of respective institution. All the necessary documents must be submitted along with respective payments on or before application closing date announced by the institution.

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