Competence in Software Technology (CST)

The trend of not depending on only educational transcripts and academic records is very popular these days as entry examinations are mandatory to be cleared for entry in higher education institutes and some companies. Similarly, Competence in Software Technology (CST) examination is an entry test, which can be the criteria for selection in many advanced educational institutes and professional software organizations. Company behind CST is C-DAC, and it conducts the test and awards the certificates for the successful candidates.

Test is very long with the duration of five hours. Successful candidates have many doors open for them once they clear the test. They can either use the certificate for getting admission in universities or opt for a job in C-DAC itself or any other reputable I.T firm. Test is conducting in many locations in India, so the candidates can choose the center, per their convenience.

CST exam is divided into five sections, and questions can come from various Computers related fields along with few questions on aptitude. The salient fields covered in the examination’s questions are Computer Organization, Computer Operating Systems not related to any particular OS but covers the general concepts in Data Structures and Algorithms are also covered in optional exams. Top scorers in the examination are also offered Project fellowship with C-DAC.

Graduates of all disciplines can try their luck in the CST examination. However, a qualification examination also has to be passed by the interested candidates. Candidates with computer science background are generally preferred, and it also makes more sense for people with I.T background to appear in the exam. Minimum passing marks in the qualification examination are 50%. People waiting for their graduation results or studying in the final year (semester or trimester) are also eligible to appear in CST. Candidates with different academic background from the standard Indian system need to obtain the equivalency certificate. In essential, 14 years of formal education is considered equivalent to Indian graduation.

Candidates need to obtain the form with the prospectus either from the C-DAC website or from the physical C-DAC location. Entry forms can also be ordered by mail too by paying the mailing charges along with the original fee. C-DAC website also contains loads of information about all the aspects of the examinations. So, paying a visit to the website is worth spending the time, before actually appearing in the CST examination.

There are many online and bricks and mortar based institutes that can help the candidates prepare for the examination.

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