Duronto Express Trains

Duronto Express Train is considered amongst the fastest trains for long distances and is known for its non-stop journey which avoids unwanted barrel stoppages and takes the passenger directly from source to the respective destination. In the rail budget of 2009-2010, Mamta Banerjee introduced this train and ever since it is connecting the metropolitan states to other parts of the country. Its service and high-standard facilities are considered the best among all other fastest train services running in India. First class, Two-tier, Three-tier, Economy Three-tier and Non Sleeper Class are the five diverse classes of accommodation available in Duronto Express trains which are fully air conditioned and consist of 2 to 3 sleeper berths as well.

In less fare, this train service it is known to provide all the luxurious facilities which are available in other railways including discharge-control toilet system with full hygiene facility. Every year, renovation in the coaches of trains has been made and new coaches in this train are made of stainless steel. Recently 12 new Duronto Express trains have been launched which takes the passengers directly from the source to the respective destination without wasting time by stopping on every station that came across the journey.

Duronto trains services connect the metros and major state capitals of India by running non-stop from source and destinations with some technical and crew halts in the journey. Duronto Express trains are projected to be the fastest trains in India like Rajdhani Express trains and Shatabdi Express trains. Duronto trains are specialized in non-stop and point to point running rail services introduced for the second time in the history. These trains are introduced by Current Railways Minister Madam Mamata Banergee.

Train number Train Name & Services
12213/12214 Yeshvantapur Delhi Sarai Rohilla AC Duronto Express
12219/12220 Secunderabad Mumbai Duronto Express
12221/12222 Pune Howrah Duronto Express
12223/12224 Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Ernakulam Duronto Express
12227/12228 Indore Duronto Express
12239/12240 Jaipur Duronto Express
12245/12246 Howrah Yeshvantapur Duronto Express
12259/12260 Sealdah – New Delhi Duronto Express
12261/12262 Howrah Mumbai CST Duronto Express
12263/12264 Hazrat Nizamuddin Pune Duronto Express
12265/12266 Delhi Sarai Rohilla Jammu Tawi Duronto Express
12267/12268 Ahmedabad Duronto Express
12269/12270 Chennai Duronto Express
12273/12274 Howrah New Delhi Duronto Express
12275/12276 Allahabad New Delhi Duronto Express
12281/12282 Bhubaneswar Duronto Express
12283/12284 Ernakulam Duronto Express
12285/12286 Secunderabad Hazrat Nizamuddin Duronto Express
12289/12290 Nagpur Duronto express
12293/12294 Allahabad Duronto Express
12297/12298 Pune Ahmedabad Duronto Express
12847/12848 Howrah Digha Duronto Express
22201/22202 Sealdah Puri Duronto Express
22203/22204 Visakhapatnam – Secunderabad Duronto Express
22205/22206 Chennai Madurai AC Duronto Express
22213/22214 Kolkata Shalimar – Patna Duronto Express
22209/22210 Mumbai New Delhi Duronto Express
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