Fast Fact About Information Technology Part-II

NSFnet was development by NSF in 1985-86.

TCP/IP is responsible for Sending and receiving information from one computer to another and Breaking the information into data packets.

An application that can access and render www content is known as Web browser.

IRC protocols enable you to exchange text message among users on the Internet.

Another name for the Web is www.

POP protocol is used for text and binary files that are arranged in a menu structure.

Identifies the domain name in the URL yahoo.

ISP stands for Internet service Provider.

You can subscribe for an Internet connection to an ISP.

LANof the following is not a method of connecting to the Internet.

PSTN stands for Public Switched Telephone Network.

A dial-up connection is established with the help of a Modern.

A Dial-up connection is a temporary connection that uses the public switched telephone network (PSTN) to connect to the Internet.

TCP part of eh TCP/IP protocol is used to divide a message into packets at the source computer.

Com domain extension specifies a commercial website.

Types of network are the main components of a URL Protocol.

Mozilla Firefox is a Web Browser.

Lynx is an example of a text-based browser, which provides access to the Internet in the text-only mode.

When you place the mouse pointer on a hyperlink the shape of the mouse pointer change to a Hand.

IAB refers to the Advisory group that is responsible for the technical aspects o the Internet.

IETF stands for Internet Engineering Task Force.

IETF is responsible for developing and promoting Internet standards:

Registration services to the Internet community are provided by InterNIC.

There are 5 types of web browsers.

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