Fast Fact About Information Technology Part- IV

A foreign key is a reference of the Primary key in another table.

A query is used to retrieve Specific data from a table.

In a table, column represents to a Field.

Data redundancy means duplication of Data.

In a database, a Form helps in viewing, adding and editing data.

In a database, a relationship is developed on the basis of Common fields.

Different and conflicting version of the same data appearing in different place is known as Data inconsistency.

In a table, a row is also known as a Record.

A Primary key does not contain NULL value.

A Report allows you to represent data retrieved from one or more tables so that it can be analyzed and printed, if required.

In a database, you can retrieve particular records by using a Query.

In DBMS, sharing of data means that the data in the database can be used by multiple users.

The full form of RDBMS is Relational Database management System.

You can add one record at a time by using the Form element of a database.

To create a relationship. You need two or more tables.

A relationship can be created with the help of Table.

A set of Information about a single entity or person is known as Record. A Database is a collection of Data.

In a flat-file database all the data is stored in Single table.

The full of form DBMS is Database Management system.

The main components or elements of base are tables, queries and forms.

In a database, a table must contain A Primary Key.

In DBMS, all the data is stored at a Central.

In a database, you can retrieve specific information by using The Query element.

A primary key is used to uniquely identify a record in a table.

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