Fast Facts About Information Technology Part-I

  • The ARPANET was shut down in 1990
  • The WWW uses the HTTP protocol.
  • In the URL://, http part denotes the protocol
  • A website is a collection of HTML Pages, Graphic files, Audio and Video files.
  • DARPA stands for Defense Advanced Research project.
  • In the URL, part denotes the path of the website.
  • A Gateway is a device that helps connect networks that are using different protocols.
  • TCP/IP stands for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol.
  • Some popular ISPs of India are Tata Communication Ltd., MTNL, Airtel.
  • Internet Architecture Board, Internet Engineering Task Force, Inter NIC are the main organization that play crucial role in the management of the Internet.
  • Web browser software runs on a user’s computer and is used to make a request for and display information in the form of a Web page.
  • Digital information is converted into a analog information by the modern at Source computer
  • Exchange Information with friends and colleagues, Access picture, sounds video clips and other media elements, Find diverse perspective on issue from a global audience.activities can you perform on the internet.
  • J.C.R Licklider was the first person to propose the development of a global network of computer.
  • The ARAPNET project was sponsored by The US department of defense.
  • J.C.R Licklider proposed the development of a global network of computers in 1962
  • An Internet Backbone is the point where one or more network is connected.
  • A Gateway is a network point that acts as an entrance for another network.
  • The first network was ARPANET
  • TCP/IP of the following is a protocol suite for the Internet.
  • The Combination of multimedia and hyperlinks is known as Hypertext.
  • ARPANET stands for Advanced Research Project Agency Network
  • ARPANET was introduced in 1969.
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