Fast Facts and History of Basketball Game

Basketball is a team sport, the objective being to shoot a ball through a basket horizontally positioned to score points while following a set of rules. Usually, two teams of five players play on a marked rectangular court with a basket at each width end. Basketball is one of the world’s most popular and widely viewed sports.The game Basketball was invented by Dr. James Naismith of U.S.A. in 1891 at Springfield College.

  • International Basketball Federation was set up in 1932.
  • Basketball Federation of India was founded in 1950.Its first world championship was played in 1950
  • Measurements (Basketball) : Length of the court – 28 meter, Width of the court -15 meter, Height of the basket from ground -3.05 meter, Weight of ball – 600 to 650 grams.

Terminology (Basketball) : Dribbling, Front court, Second dribble, two count stop, traveling or shifting, Pivoting, Held ball, Jump ball, Violation, Foul, Feinting or Dodging, Shooting, Set shot, Ring, Guard point, Dead ball, Basket Rudnick, Hook, Goal, Centre line, Free throw line, Onsted, Fast break, Lay-up shot, Man to man defense, Pack, Three point, Turn over, Assist, Throw, Goal Tending, Steal, Tap etc.

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