Fast Facts and History of Football Game

Football was played in 500 B.C by the Greeks of Sparta and they called this game ‘Harpaston’.The first football club of the world ‘Sheffield Football Club’ was founded in the year 1857 in England. Football was introduced in India by the Britishers in 1884 and the first football club of India was ‘Dalhousie club’ The Indian Football Association, The oldest football association in the east was formed in 1857.The apex institution of football is ‘Federation of international de football Association (FIFA), which was formed by seven countries on May 21, 1904. The headquarters of FIFA is in Paris (France).This name was given to this game (Football) by an association named London Football Association Which was formed in 1883 in England.

The Football world cup, organized by the FIFA, is the biggest competition. Football was included as a competitive game in Olympic Games officially in 1908. India took part in the world Olympic Football Competition in 1948 in London. Besides Olympic competition, World Cup Football Championships were planned by two Frenchmen M Jules Rimet and Henry Delaunay.Jules Rimet was president of the French Football Federation and remained president of FIFA from 1924 to 1954.

  • The first world cup was organized t Monte Video (Uruguay) in 1930.
  • The Trophy for this championship was named as “Jules Rimet Cup”.
  • This trophy became the permanent property of Brazil, as at this country had won the world title for the third time (1958, 1962 and 1970).
  • From 1974 (Xth championship of Germany) onwards, the trophy was named as “The FIFA world cup”.
  • This was a new “The FIFA world cup”. Trophy cast in 18 ct. gold.
  • In India Indian Football association (IFA) organizes National Football championship.
  • The trophy awarded in their competition is called “Santosh Trophy”,which was donated in the memory of “Manmath Nath Roy Chaudhary of Santosh” (now a part of Bangladesh).
  • Durand Cup tournament, the oldest football tournament of India and the second oldest tournament of the world was started in 1888.
  • Durand Cup tournament was first organized at Shimla and is being held in Delhi since 1940.
  • A new chapter was added to the annals of the country’s (India’s) soccer with the launch of the Football Players’ Association (FPA) of India in Kolkata on August 13, 2006.
  • FIFA announced (In April 17, 2007) an assistance of $ 1 million to Indian football by launching ‘win in Indian with India’ Project that will initially run for a period of four year.
  • FIF President Joseph S. Blatter (during his visit to India in April, 2007) hinted that India could gain another grant of $ 40,000 for the third ‘FIFA Goal project’ it was entitled to.
  • The All India Football Federation (AIFF) has started the ‘Goal Project’ in Manipur and the second was launched in Delhi.
  • FIFA and the Asian Football confederation (AFC) have identified Sikkim as the third site of the project.
  • According to Mr. Blatter the new project that the FIFA has specially launched for India will get annual grant of $ 250,000 for four years.
  • According to the AIFF President Mr. Priya Ranjan Dasmunsi the federation would install 100 Centres of Exllcellence across the country to scout for talent.
  • President Dr. A.PJ. Abdul Kalam has suggested that FIFA could organize a tour of outstanding players to inspire the India youth.
  • FIFA World Cup is played after every four years.
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