Famous Games of the world and their playgrounds

List of Famous Sports/Games of the world and their playgrounds:-

Here is a list of the major international Games and their playgrounds. In these events countries of the world are brought together in competition in some of these most countries of the world are represented, in others only a select few.

Read list of famous Games and their playgrounds

Sports Playground
Baseball Diamond
Golf Course
Table Tennis Board
Judo Mat
Cycling Velodrome
Athletics Track
Archery, Shooting Range
Tennis, Badminton, Netball, Handball, Volleyball, Kabbaddi, Kho-Kho, Squash Court
Scatting, Boxing Ring
Swimming Pool
Bowling Alley
Horse Riding Arena
Polo, Football, Hockey Field
Cricket, Rugby Pitch
Curling, Ice Hockey Rink
Bowls Greens

Major International Sport Events and Facts

Read the list of major international sporting events from around the world.

Major Sport Events Quick Facts
Summer Olympics The world’s premier multi-sport and multi-country sporting competition, held every four years.
Winter Olympics the winter sports version of the Olympic Games, held every four years, two years after the Summer Olympics.
Paralympic Games A major event for athletes with disabilities, now run in conjunction with the Summer Olympic Games, every four years.
Commonwealth Games the next being held in Glasgow, in 2014. It is held every four years.
Asian Games The Asian Games, officially known as Asiad, is a multi-sport event along the lines of the Olympics, though only for Asian countries. They were first held in 1951.
Gay Games The Gay Games, held every 4 years, is open to all who wish to participate, without regard to sexual orientation.
Military World Games For military athletes from over 100 countries.
European Games A multi-sport event along the lines of the Summer Olympic Games, though limited to athletes from European nations. The inaugural European Games are scheduled to be held in Baku, Azerbaijan, in 2015.
Youth Olympics The Youth Olympic Games is an international multi-sport event, held every four years for athletes aged 14 to 18.
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