Garibrath and Yuva Express Trains

In the year of 2005, Garibrath Express trains and Yuva Express Trains were introduced by then Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav. It was mainly established for those lower-class people who cannot afford fares of trains have fully air conditioned mechanism. It is supposed to be amongst fastest trains which have lower ticket fare still can provide all the high class facilities. It covers 130 kms in an hour same distance as covered by luxury trains such as Rajdhani and Shatabdi trains.

Its main route is from Bihar to Punjab. Generally said that this route was mainly selected because Lalu Prasad Yadav was originally from Bihar plus many political reasons were also involved. Every day many people from Bihar travel to Punjab and this train seems like a blessing to them as ticket rate is quite low. Garibrath Express trains and Yuva Express Trains offers very comfortable and fast journey. Including food every other luxury facility is available in these trains. Full electricity use is also offered such as mobile and laptop chargers. Trains are known for covering a non- stop distance without stopping for any unwanted halts, only some of the intermediate and very important stations are considered for stoppage.

Garibrath Express trains are fully air-conditioned for passengers who can’t afford expensive AC tickets for Rajdhani or Shatabdi express. Former Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav introduced Garib Rath Express trains in 2005 for poor people. Garib Rath trains are the series of superfast trains run at maximum speed of 130km/h. Garib Rath trains are also slated to have many amenities such as fridge, microwave oven, tv, cooler, fan, toaster, however passengers are not normally provided with blankets and pillow and they have to pay extra to get those.

Train No.Train NameDeparture StationDep. TimeTrain DestinationArr. Time
6539Yesvantpur Sainagar Shirdi Garibrath ExpressYesvantpur07:30Sainagar Shirdi08:00
6540Sainagar Shirdi Yesvantpur Garibrath ExpressSainagar Shirdi18:20Yesvantpur20:00
8469Puri Bangalore Garibrath ExpressPuri14:30Bangalore22:45
8470Bangalore Puri Garibrath ExpressBangalore23:55Puri05:50
12113Pune Nagpur Garibrath ExpressPune17:40Nagpur09:25
12114Nagpur Pune Garibrath ExpressNagpur18:35Pune09:45
12187Jabalpur Mumbai Garibrath ExpressJabalpur19:30Mumbai12:15
12188Mumbai Jabalpur Garibrath ExpressMumbai13:30Jabalpur06:00
12201Lokmanyatilak Kochuveli Garibrath ExpressLokmanyatilak16:55Kochuveli20:30
12202Kochuveli Lokmanyatilak Garibrath ExpressKochuveli08:50Lokmanyatilak11:45
12203Saharsa Amritsar Garibrath ExpressSaharsa15:00Amritsar20:45
12204Amritsar Saharsa Garibrath ExpressAmritsar04:45Saharsa10:00
12207Kathgodam Jammu Tawi Garibrath ExpressKathgodam18:30Jammu Tawi09:35
12208Jammu Tawi Kathgodam Garibrath ExpressJammu Tawi23:45Kathgodam14:35
12209Kanpur Kathgodam Garibrath ExpressKanpur06:15Kathgodam15:05
12210Kathgodam Kanpur Garibrath ExpressKathgodam18:30Kanpur04:30
12211Bapudm Motihari Anand Vihar Garibrath ExpressBapudm Motihari16:50Anand Vihar12:25
12212Anand Vihar Bapudm Motihari Garibrath ExpressAnand Vihar21:00Bapudm Motihari16:05
12215Delhi s Rohilla Bandra Terminus Garibrath ExpressDelhi s Rohilla09:20Bandra Terminus08:10
12216Bandra Terminus Delhi s Rohilla Garibrath ExpressBandra Terminus12:55Delhi s Rohilla12:10
12247Bandra Terminus H.Nizamuddin Yuva ExpressBandra Terminus16:55H Nizamuddin09:55
12248H.Nizamuddin Bandra TerminusYuva ExpressH Nizamuddin15:40Bandra Terminus09:20
12249Howrah New Delhi Yuva ExpressHowrah17:10New Delhi10:50
12250New Delhi Howrah Yuva ExpressNew Delhi16:10Howrah10:40
12255Yesvantpur Puducherry Garibrath ExpressYesvantpur23:15Puducherry09:40
12256Puducherry Yesvantpur Garibrath ExpressPuducherry22:05Yesvantpur08:25
12257Yesvantpur Kochuveli Garibrath ExpressYesvantpur21:00Kochuveli12:50
12258Kochuveli Yesvantpur Garibrath ExpressKochuveli16:35Yesvantpur09:05
12353Bhagalpur H.Nizamuddin Garibrath ExpressBhagalpur13:30H Nizamuddin08:40
12354Anand Vihar Bhagalpur Garibrath ExpressAnand Vihar17:00Bhagalpur11:30
12359Kolkata Patna Garibrath ExpressKolkata20:00Patna05:30
12360Patna Kolkata Garibrath ExpressPatna20:10Kolkata05:30
12517Kolkata Guwahati Garibrath ExpressKolkata21:40Guwahati15:40
12518Guwahati Kolkata Garibrath ExpressGuwahati21:00Kolkata15:00
12535Lucknow Raipur Garibrath ExpressLucknow14:40Raipur07:15
12536Raipur Lucknow Garibrath ExpressRaipur12:20Lucknow05:05
12551Varanasi Anand Vihar Garibrath ExpressVaranasi19:30Anand Vihar10:00
12552Anand Vihar Varanasi Garibrath ExpressAnand Vihar18:15Varanasi08:15
12569Jaynagar H.Nizamuddin Garibrath ExpressJaynagar12:10H Nizamuddin08:40
12570Anand Vihar Jaynagar Garibrath ExpressAnand Vihar16:50Jaynagar13:30
12611Chennai H.Nizamuddin Garibrath ExpressChennai06:10H Nizamuddin10:20
12612H.Nizamuddin Chennai Garibrath ExpressH Nizamuddin16:00Chennai20:15
12735Secunderabad Yesvantpur Garibrath ExpressSecunderabad19:15Yesvantpur07:10
12736Yesvantpur Secunderabad Garibrath ExpressYesvantpur20:50Secunderabad08:35
12739Vishakapatnam Secunderabad Garibrath ExpressVishakapatnam20:30Secunderabad08:10
12740Secunderabad Vishakapatnam Garibrath ExpressSecunderabad20:15Vishakapatnam07:30
12831Dhanbad Bhubaneswar Garibrath ExpressDhanbad16:00Bhubaneswar08:15
12832Bhubaneswar Dhanbad Garibrath ExpressBhubaneswar20:10Dhanbad11:00
12877Ranchi New Delhi Garibrath ExpressRanchi17:10New Delhi10:50
12878New Delhi Ranchi Garibrath ExpressNew Delhi16:10Ranchi10:40
12881Howrah Puri Garibrath ExpressHowrah20:55Puri05:55
12882Puri Howrah Garibrath ExpressPuri22:15Howrah07:05
12909Bandra Terminus H.Nizamuddin Garibrath ExpressBandra Terminus16:55H Nizamuddin09:55
12910H.Nizamuddin Bandra Terminus Garibrath ExpressH Nizamuddin15:40Bandra Terminus08:10
12983Jaipur Chandigarh Garibrath ExpressJaipur20:05Chandigarh06:40
12984Chandigarh Jaipur Garibrath ExpressChandigarh21:05Jaipur07:40
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