Abbreviations and Acronyms

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Abbreviation and Acronyms associated with Sports

Here you are going to find some important abbreviations and acronyms which is relevant to crack government exam like SSC, UPSC, Patwari Etc. There are many important abbreviations In sports and you will find: Full form …

List of Important Abbreviations and Acronyms of 2014

Collection of Important Acronyms (Abbreviations) for year 2014: In this post you will find some important and most used abbreviations in 2014. November 2014: IPOP- Integrated Programme for Older Persons MERs- Maritime Economic Regions NCR- National …

Terminology of Studies and Practice

Here you can find the Terminology of Each sector which is related to study like: Carpology, Dendrology, Cardiology, Phylogy and much more which helps you to know understand better.. Terminology A Study Of Actiology Study …

Computer Abbreviations, List of Computer Related Abbreviations & Acronyms

List of Important Computer Related Abbreviations and Acronyms

List of Important Computer Related Abbreviations and Acronyms Here are some important abbreviations associated with Computer and web technology. In this post you will get most relevant Abbreviations and IT acronyms like: full form of HTML …

Full Forms and Abbreviations of Political Parties in India

Abbreviations and Full Forms of Political Parties of India Here we are providing the short and full form of major national and zonal political Parties in India. List of acronyms and abbreviations related to Political Parties in India. …


List of Abbreviations of the month of February 2014

We are giving some important Acronyms and Abbreviation associated with General Knowledge which we listen and read daily: AAP : Aam Admi Party ANC : African National Congress EDI : Education Development Index HPCL : …

List of Abbreviations of the month of July 2013

WIPO:  World Intellectual Property Organization. CII: Confederation of Indian Industry. CIS: Collective Investment Schemes. DGCX: Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange. CAI: Cotton Association of India. GPA: General Power of Attorney. MSDP: Multi-Sectoral Development Programme.

List of Abbreviations of the month of April 2013

CMVR: Central Motor Vehicle Rules IPR: Intellectual Property Rights FGFA: Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft ATGM: Anti-Tank Guided Missile SFC: Strategic Forces Command CIIE: Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship GALEX: Galaxy Evolution Explorer MRI: Magnetic …


Abbreviations associated with Terrorist Orgs. Nov. 2012

1. Important abbreviations of the month (November 2012) : Abbreviations Full forms COP: Conference of the Parties CBD: Convention on Biological Diversity IOR-ARC: Indian Ocean Rim-Association for Regional Cooperation NTCA: National Tiger Conservation Authority AGR: …

List of Abbreviations of the month of July 2012

CRISIL: Credit Rating Information Services of India Ltd. CIBIL: Credit Information Bureau of India Ltd. ICRA: Investment Information and Credit Rating Agency of India Ltd. CARE: Credit Analysis and Research Ltd. ONICRA: Onida Individual Credit …


Importants Abbreviations March 2012

Important Abbreviations/Acronyms which emerged as trending topics in the month of March 2012.

List of Miscellaneous Acronyms of Indian Railways

List of miscellaneous acronyms and abbreviations and full form for all types of terms and terminology used in/for Indian Railways.