Graduate Level Combined Examination: Main (Group B)

Qualifying for the Graduate Level Combined Examination- Main Examination (Group B):

In many examinations held in India by the Selection Commission, there are important qualifications that a candidate should possess in order to make it in the list. The qualifications required for every candidate varies depending on the type of examination and position one is aspiring for. In case of the Graduate Level Combined Examination- Main Examination (Group B), you need to fill the following credentials before you are shortlisted for the main examination. In addition, you should note that before getting this far, you are supposed to undergo the preliminary examinations; once pass the said exam that’s when you proceed to the main exam.

Qualifications for the Graduate Level Combined Examination- Main Examination (Group B) is similar to that of the preliminary examination which includes the age, nationality, and other standards that need to be met.

The fee for the Graduate Level Combined Examination- Main Examination (Group B) is Rs 60 (Sixty Rupees). Any additional fees collected are already not part of the examination guidelines.

In the examination scheme, expect that you will be given a conventional type of exam and you will need to write two papers. The first paper is divided into two parts; part A will revolve around General English and will be given 50 points and part B will revolve around General Studies which can be answered in English or in Hindi and will also be given 50 points; the part A exam is given two hours. The second paper will be on Arithmetic; again in this part you will be given a chance to answer in English or in Hindi, which ever you please and you will also be given two hours to finish in this part. Furthermore, the second paper will get a perfect score of 100 points.

The general instructions for the Graduate Level Combined Examination- Main Examination (Group B) states that the candidate should write the answers by hand; no other entity to write the paper or form of writing is accepted. Keep track of every single question because there are questions that need you to answer making use of the numeric form or numbers; this is very important because there have been several candidate who were eligible for the job but during this part of the examination they failed because they were not following instructions. Finally, during the exam proper, no candidate is allowed to make use of any electronic device in the Examination Hall and that includes the use of calculators.

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