Hindi Translators Examination

Hindi Translators Examination to produce the most effective Hindi communicators:

Because of the different languages of every country, it became impossible at first to connect them with each other. Good thing English has become the universal language and we all came to understand one another. Though English became a standard language for globalization, every country would still want to introduce their own, including India. To promote the Hindi language and culture to the world, translators are highly needed. Getting the most excellent translators is of great value to make India known to other countries that’s why a special screening must be conducted such as the Hindi Translators Examination is needed.

Certain criteria must be met by interested applicants of the Hindi Translators Examination. As long as the applicant is not over 30 years of age, he can be considered in the application. For applicants who are over thirty years of age, they will still be considered if they are former servicemen, SC, ST, OBT, or PH. However, this will still be reviewed rigidly. Another criterion for qualification is the applicant must hold an English degree or any degree with both Hindi and English as major subjects.

The Hindi Translators Examination consists of two parts: the written and the interview exam. The written examination is still divided into two parts: the General Hindi and General English which consists of 100 items each, and the Translation and Essay. For the Translation and Essay part, the examinee will be given two passages to translate and two essays to work on. Once they passed the written examination, they can then proceed to the interview. Here, they will be screened through personality test.

To give an idea for the Hindi Translators Examination, paper 1, as said above, is the written examination part. General Hindi and General English will be the coverage. The applicant’s skills on proofreading, sentence completion, vocabulary, synonyms and antonyms, grammar, idioms, and sentence construction will be tested. Two hours will be given will be given to the examinee to answer both General Hindi and General English with 100 items each. On the Essay and Translation part, two hours will also be given to complete the two passages to be translated and two essays.

The exam is harder than it looks. Through this difficulty, the state can select the rightful translators who can communicate effectively to other nationalities. With these distinguished people, India will soon be recognized and patronized all over the world.

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