IAF Commissioned Officers

The Indian Air Force Commissioned Officers Examination:

The Indian government implemented the Indian Air Force Commissioned Officers examination as a means to give a chance to people who want to enlist in the Indian air force. This program takes the form of an exam which is open to single male and female applicants. Which they must pass in order for them to join a pool of candidates who are eligible to apply for a position in the Indian Air Force (IAF) Commissioned Officers. India’s air force department conducts this as a form of entrance examination for applicants who wish to participate in the course.

The IAF Commissioned Officers examination is held biannually (twice a year) which is conducted on specified dates which fall on the months of March and July. To be able to take the examination, candidates must secure an application form which is to be thoroughly accomplished and submitted to the appropriate departments.

Examinations offered by the IAF Commissioned Officers are divided into five primary branches. This would include: the Accounts Branch, the Administrative Branch, the Education Branch, the Logistics Branch, and the Meteorological branch. In order for an applicant to be eligible to take the examination, he / she must fulfill the requirements of the individualized branch which he / she wants to take.

Each of the course branches also have specific age limits which varies from one branch to another. The limit would apply upon the initiation of the course within the year of being admitted (assuming that the applicant has met all the requirements to take their exam of choice and passed the said examination).

The files of eligible applicants are then to be examined by the Selection Boards of the air force who will pick out applicants who may move on to the next phase of qualification. The next part would include a series of five steps that selected applicants must pass. The first being the Indian Air Force Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) Test which is then followed by the Physiological Test, the Group Test, then the individual interview. After these four steps, those who were able to pass are then subjected to the Medical Examination in order for them to be deemed fit to take part in the course.

The IAF Commissioned Officers program requires applicants to be competent and disciplined to be able to provide the services needed after they have successfully completed the course of their choosing. Those who are willing to take this path will have to meet the standards of excellence of the Indian Air Force.

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