Important Boundaries of the World

Important boundaries of within world that attach and part two countries. These boundaries decide of partition for two countries land. In the below list you will find boundary name and attached countries name.

Durand Line Pakistan & Afghanistan (Afghanistan did not accept this.)
Mac Mohan Line India   & China,
Line of Actual Control India  & China on the Northern Border
Radcliffe India & Pakistan
Maginot Line France & Germany
Mannheim Line United Russia & Finland
Oder Nisse Line Germany & Poland
Hindenburg Line Poland & Germany(at the time of First World War)
Sigfried Line East France & Germany (at the time of second world war)
17th Parallel Line North & South Vietnam
24th Parallel Line India & Pakistan (India did not Accept this.)
38th Parallel Line North  & South Korea
49th Parallel USA & Canada
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(Hindenburg Line) is on Franco Belgium border … it was a German defensive position in World War I built during the winter of 1916–1917 on the Western Front from Arras to Laffaux, near Soissons on the Aisne…


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