Important Discoveries of Medical Science their Name, Inventor and Year

Important Discoveries of Medical Science

Medicine is an ever-evolving field. New breakthroughs are being made all the time, but there are some discoveries that will always stand out as changing human thinking forever. Thanks to medicine, diseases have been eradicated, babies have been created and illnesses that used to be serious are now relatively mild. So, be grateful for living in the 21st century.

List of World’s Greatest Medical Discoveries and their Inventors 

Name of Inventor Discovery or Invention Year
Lord Joseph Lister Antiseptic Surgery 1867
Dr. Jonas E. Salk (U.S.A.) Anti-Polio Vaccine 1955
Atreya (India) Ayurveda 2000-1000 B.C
Vagaba’ta (India) Ashtanga Hridaya C-550 A.D.
Mondino (Italy) Anatomia 1316
Dreser (Germany) Aspirin 1889
Bearing & Kitasato (Germany, Japan) Anti-Toxin (Science of Immunity) l 890
Schafer and Oliver (Britain) Adrenaline 1894
Duggar (U.S.A.) Aureomycin 1948
Leuwenhoek Bacteria 1683
Jean-Baptiste Denys (France) Blood Transfusion 1625
Jan Baptista Van Helmont (Belgium) Biochemistry 1648
Ferdinand Cohn (Germany) Bacteriology 1872
Sir James Harrison and Sir James Young Simpson Chloroform l 847
Robert Koch Cholera Bacillus 1577
Eijlkman Cause Of Beriberi l 897
Reed Cause Of Yellow Fever 1900
Paracelsus (Switzerland) 1483 Chemotherapy 1541
A.s. Hyman (U.S.A.) Cardiac Pacemaker 1932
Burkholder (U.S.A.) Chloromycetin 1947
Henry Swan (U.S.A.) Cryo-Surgery 1953
 Dr’. Paul Mu11er D.D.T. 1939
Kitazato Dysentry And Plague Bacilli
Klebs & lofter (Germany) Diphtheria Germs 1883-84
Karl Ernest-van Bear (Estonia) Embryology 1792-1896
Bayliss &Starling (Britain) Fndocrinology 1902
Willem Einthoven (Netherland) Electro-Cardiograph 1903
Hans Berger (Germany) Electro-Encephalogram 1929
Louis Pasteur Germ Theory, Hydrophobia Anti-Toxin 1882
Dr. Christiaan Barnard First Human Heart Transplantoperation 1967
Hahnemann Homeopathy
Marie Bichat (France) Histology 1771-1802
Alexander Wood (Britain) Hypodermic Syringe 1853
F. Banting Insulin 1932
U.M. Brahmachari Kala-Azar Fever
Kolf (Netherland) Kidney Machine 1944
Hansen(Norway) Leprosy Bacillus 1873
Hoffman (Switzerland) L S D (Lysergic Aciddiethylamide) 1943
Dr. Ronald Ross Malaria Parasites
Friderich Sertumer (Ge1many) Morphine 1805
Franz Joseph Gall (Germany) Neurology 1758-1828
Walton Lillehel (U.S.A.) Open Heart Surgery 1953
sir Alexander Fleming and Florey Penicillin 1929
Albrecht Von Haller (Switzerland) Physiology 1757-66
Sigmund Freud (Austria) Psycho-Analysis 1895
Louis Pasteur (France) Rabies Vaccine 1860
Karl Landsteiner (U.S.A.) Rh-Factor 1940
Jal Vakil (India) Reserpine 1949
Paul Ehrlich Syphilis Cure 1910
Laennec Stethoscope 1816
G. Domagk Sulpha Drugs
Vrdukunta (India) Sidhayoga C-750
Paul Ehrlich (Germany) Serology 1884-1915
Hormones-Eugen Steinach (Austria) Sex 1910
Land Steiner (U.S.A.) Synthetic Antigens 1917
Hoffman (Switzerland) Streptomycin 1944
Robert Koch Tubercle Bacilli 1812
Eberth Typhoid Bacilli 1880
J.Nicolle (France) Typhus-Vaccine 1909
Edward Calvin Kendall (U.S.A.) Thyroxin 1919
Finley & Others (U.S.A.) Terramycin 1950
Finsen Ultra-Violet Rays
Edward Jenner Vaccination (Small Pox) 1796
lvanovski & Bajernick (U.S.S.R., Netherland) Virology 1892
Froelich 1401st (Norway) Vitamin C 1919
Edward Calvin Kendall (U.S.A.) Vitamin B1 1936
Hippocrates (Greece) Western Scientific Therapy 460 – 370 B.C.
Patanjali (lndia) Yoga 200-100 B.C.
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