Important Facts Regarding Botany

Facts Example and details
Largest angiosperm tree Eucalyptus
Longest tree in the world Sequoia giganteum. This is a gymnosperm its height is 120 meter. This is also called coast Red Wood of California
Smallest (in space) angiosperm plant Lemna. This is aquatic angiosperm which is found in west Bengal in India too.
Plant with largest leaf Victoria Regia. This is aquatic plant which is found is west Bengal in India.
Largest fruit Lodoicea this is also called double coconut this found in Kerala in India.
Smallest Pteridophyta Azolla. This is an aquatic plant.
Smallest seed Orchid.
Smallest flower Wolfia. Its diameter is 0.1 millimetre.
Largest flower Reflesia arnoldii. Its diameter is 1 meter and its weight can be 8 kilograms.
Smallest angiosperm parasite Arceuthobium. This is a di-seed wall which is a parasite on the stems of gymnosperms.
Largest male couplet Cycas. This is a gymnosperm plant.
Largest seed-egg Cycas.
Alive morph Cycas.
Smallest chromosomes In algae.
Longest chromosomes In Trillium
The plant with the largest Number of chromosomes Ophioglossum (Fern). There are 1266 Chromosomes in its Diploid cell
Caffeine Pepaver somniferum morphin contains in it.
The plant with the least number of chromosomes Heplapapopus gracilis.
The smallest gymnosperm plant Zamia pygmea.
The heaviest wooden plant Hardwichia binata.
The lightest wooden plant Ochroma lagopus- balsa.
The smallest cell Mycoplasma gallisepticum.
Fruit like a tennis ball Kenth.
Fire of the forest Dhak.
Coffee giving plant Coffea Arabica. Caffin contains in it.
Coco giving plant Theobroma cococa. Theobromin and caffeine contain in it.
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