Important Mechanical Inventions Name,Their Scientists and Year

Major Mechanical Inventions that changed the World

Famous inventions that changed the World. This section explores famous inventions with year, patents and revolutionary gadgets. We offer information on famous inventors, scientists and inventions that have changed the World we live in.

List of Important Mechanical Inventions and Discoveries of the World:-

Name of Scientists Mechanical Inventions Year
Wright Brothers Aeroplane 1903
George Westinghouse Air brake for rail roads 1869
Daimler Automobile
Montchgoltier Balloon 1783
Evangelists Torrice1li Barometer 1644
Kirkpatrick Macmillan Bicycle 1839-40
Rudolf Diesel Diesel oil engine 1895
Hypolite Pixii Dynamo 1832
Stephenson Engine (Rail) 1813
Lewis E.Waterman Fountain pen 1884
Thomas Alva Edison Gramophone 1878
Etienne Oehmichen Helicopter 1924
Cockrell Hovercraft 1955
Nikholas Otto Internal combustion engine 1876
Frank Whittle Jet propulsion 1937
Dr. T.H. Maiman and Dr. C. Gilbert Yotlng Laser 1960
Mergenthalar Linotype 1883
Henry Greathead Life Boat
Elisha Otis Lift Otis 1852
Richard Trevithick Locomotive 1804
Dr. Jack Lippes Loop 196o
lames Puckle Machine Gun 1718
Thomas Alva Edison Megaphone
Z. Janssen, improved by Galileo Microscope 1590
 Falzrenheit Mercury thermometer 1620
Thomas Alva Edison Movie projector (Cinematography) 1893
Henry Ford (U.S.A.) Motor Car manufacture
Thomas Alva Edison Phonograph 1877
N.R. Finsen Phototherapy
Dunlop Pneumatic tyre 1888
Cartright Powerloom 1785
Johannes Gutenberg Printing Press C-1455
A H. Taylor and Leo C.Young Radar 1922
Newton Reflecting Telescope 1668
Colt Revolver 1835
Lee de Forest Radio telephone 1906
Alexanderson Radio transmitter 1914
Elias Howe Sewing machine 1829
Sir Henry Bessemer Steel smelting process 1855
David Bushwel1 Submarine 1776
Heike Kammerlingh Onnes, (Holland) Superconductors 1911
Fulton (U.S.A) Steam boat 1807
Humphrey Davy Safety lamp (Miner’s) 1816
Robert Mallet Seismograph
William Murdock Slide valve
James Hargreaves Spinning jenny 1664
King Camp Gillete Safety razor 1903
Lee de Forest Talkies
Robert Whitehead Torpedo 1868
W. Shockley, Bardeen & Brattain Transistor 1948
Mitterhofer Typewriter 1964
sir Ernest D. Swington Tank (Military) 1914
Graham Bell Telephone 1876
Emile Bandot, John George Halseke Teleprinter
 J. L. Baird Television 1925
Hans Lippershey Telescope 1608
Michael Faraday (England) Transformer 1831
sea photography Edgerton Under 1956
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