Important Terms Associated with Sports and Games

List of some Important Terms Associated with Sports and Games

Another interesting information to get more general knowledge about sports and games. Here is the compiled list of most important and used associated terms related with different Cups, Trophies, Games and Sports from different countries of the world. Below table shows a great list of Important Terms Associated with Sports and Games.

Associated Term Name of Games
Target Archery
Bull’s Eye Archery
Drop Rowing
Let Badminton
Smash Badminton
Deuce Badminton
Hitter Baseball
Batter Baseball
Pitch Baseball
Pitcher Baseball
Free Throw Basketball
Dribbling Basketball
Jump Ball Basketball
Cue Billiards
Cannon Billiards
Long Jenny Billiards
Jigger Billiards
Cut Boxing
Knockout Boxing
Jab Boxing
Welter Weight Boxing
Suit Bridge
Rubber Bridge
Grand Slam Bridge
Bishop Chess
Checkmate Chess
Knight Chess
Sicilian Defense Chess
Cover Drive Cricket
Boundary Cricket
L.B.W.(Leg Before Wicket) Cricket
C.W.B.(Caught Behind Wicket) Cricket
Ashes Cricket
Googly Cricket
Mallet Croquet
Track Events Cycling
Tent Pegging Equestrian
Dribble Football
Corner Kick Football
Penalty Football
Yellow Card Football
Tie-Breaker Football
Caddie Golf
Tee Golf
Par Golf
Put Golf
Corner Hockey
Bully Hockey
Stick Hockey
Long Corner Hockey
Jockey Horse Racing
Punter Horse Racing
Bookies Horse Racing
Chukker Polo
Paddle Rowing
Regatta Rowing
Lines Rugby Football
Scrum Rugby Football
Plug Shooting
Muzzle Shooting
Double Fault Tennis
Topspin Tennis
Blocking Volley Ball
Volley Volley Ball
Clean and Jerk Weight Lifting
Bench Press Weight Lifting
Hold Wrestling
Freestyle Wrestling
Soling Tempest Yachting
Flying Dutchman Yachting
Tornado Yachting
Uber Cup Badminton
Williams Cup Basketball
Todd Memorial Trophy Basketball
American Cup Boat Rowing
Wellington Trophy Boat Rowing
Holkar Trophy Bridge
Ramnivas Ruia Challenge Gold Cup Bridge
Limca Trophy Chess
Linares City Trophy Chess
Ashes Trophy Cricket
Benson and Hedges Cup Cricket
Duleep Trophy Cricket
Ranji Trophy Cricket
Wisden Trophy Cricket
Subroto Cup Football
B. C. Roy Trophy Football
Durand Cup Football
Canada Cup (World Championship) Golf
Prince of Wales Cup (England) Golf
Rhyder Cup (England) Golf
Obaidullah Gold Cup Hockey
Aga Khan Cup Hockey
Nehru Trophy Hockey
Derby Cup Horse Racing
Winchester Cup polo
Wellington Trophy Rowing
Welsh Grand Prix Shooting
World Open Squash
British Open Squash
Electra Gold Cup Table Tennis
Grand Prix Table Tennis
Grand Slam Trophy Tennis
Davis Cup Tennis
Wimbledon Trophy Tennis
French Open Tennis
U S. Open Tennis
Shivanti Gold Cup Volley Ball
Centernnial Cup Volley Ba11
Ambedkar Studium (New Delhi) Football
Bisley (England) Shooting
Brabourne Studium (Mumbai) Cricket
Brooklyn (U. S. A.) Baseball
Chepauk Ground (Chennai) Cricket
Eden Gardens (Kolkata) Cricket
Forest Hill (U. S. A.) Lawn Tennis
Green Park (Kanpur) Cricket
Hurlington (England) Polo
Leeds (England) Cricket
Lords (England) Cricket
Oval (England) Cricket
Salt Lake Stadium (Kolkata) Football
Shivaji Stadium (New Delhi) Hockey
Wankhede Stadium (Mumbai) Cricket
Wimbledon (England) Lawn Tennis

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