Kamakhya Temple Information:

Kamakhya Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Kamakhya Devi. This is 1 shakti peeth of 51 power peeth. This temple is located in Nilanchal hill, Guwahati, Assam, West India. Apart from the main goddess Kamakhya, in this temple you will find other 10 forms of goddess Kali like Dhoomavati, Matangi, Bagola, Tara, Kamala, Bhairavi, Chinmasa, Bhubaneswarwari and Tripura Sundari. Out of these Tripura Sundari, Matangi and Kamala are in the main temple and the other seven are in different temples.

Kamakhya Temple History:

The Vyarman and Xianzang 7th century Chinese traveler neglected Kamakhya in the historical empire of the early Kamrup, because then it was believed that the Brahmini Ambit should be worshiped. According to the preliminary information of Kamakhya, the archaeological evidence of the temple in Tezpur will be found in 8th or 9th century. But later this temple was destroyed by Kalpahar, although in recent investigations, it was discovered that in the reign of Hussein Shah, this temple was destroyed. This was the demolition that Vishwindas discovered that they were the makers of the Couch Empire, who got the reputation but the temple was rebuilt under the rule of their son Narayan.

Short info about Kamakhya Temple:

Place Guwahati, Assam, India
Opened 1565
Function Hindu Temple
Festivals Ambubachi Mela

Interesting Facts about Kamakhya Temple:

  1. Kamakhya Temple of Devi Sati, located about 8 kilometers from Guwahati, Assam.
  2. Kamakhya devi is famous as the bleeding goddess. The mythical womb and vagina of Shakti are supposedly installed in the ‘Garvagriha’ or sanctum of the temple.
  3. This temple is famous for getting technical achievements. The statues of Tara, Dhormi, Bhairavi, Kamala, Baglukhi etc. are installed here.
  4. This temple was destroyed in the sixteenth century but later King Nar Narayana of Cooch Bihar had rebuilt it in the seventeenth century.
  5. Kamakhya Devi is also called ‘God of flowing blood’, the belief behind it is that it is the only form of Goddess that rules every year in the cycle of menstrual cycle.
  6. According to a legend the Koch Bihar royal family was banned by Devi herself from offering puja at the temple.
  7. Kamakhya Temple, representing Shakti or the feminine power, is one the 51 peethas in India.
  8. The Kamakhya Temple is the centre for Tantric worshippers. The annual Ambubasi festival attracts lots of devotees for tantric worship.
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