Sanchi Stupa Information:

Sanchi is a small village situated in Raisen district of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, on the banks of river Betwa. It is located in the central part of Madhya Pradesh, 46 km from Bhopal, in the northeast, and 10 km from Besnagar and Vidisha. There are many Buddhist monuments here, which are from between 3rd century and 12th century. There are many big stupas here, in which the Stupa No. 2 is the largest. The greenery around here is amazing. There are several pylons surrounding this stupa. Stupa No. 1 also has several small stupas, there is also a secret carved stone column near them. It is a symbol of love, peace, faith and courage.

Sanchi Stupa History:

The Stupa has been made by the Ashok the great. The work of the construction of the Sanchi Stupa was handed over to Devaki, wife of Ashok great, who was the daughter of the businessman of Vidisha. Sanchi was also the place of marriage of him. In the first century there were four jewelery gates made. The Stupa of Sanchi was constructed from the brick in the time of Maurya. Sanchi stupa is considered to be very ancient in India. For the people of Buddhism, it is similar to a holy pilgrimage. Emperor Ashoka created it for propagation of Buddhism. This is a main place for those who promote Buddhism. People of all religions in India have great respect for this stupa.

Quick Info about Sanchi Stupa:

Place Raisen, Madhya Pradesh
Establishment 3rd century BC
Architectural Style Buddhist architecture
Built By Ashok Great

Important Facts about Sanchi Stupa:

  1. The Great Stupa at Sanchi is the oldest stone structure in India.
  2. This place has been named as ‘Kaknadbot’ in many records from the Sanchi. Of these, 131 of the Gupt Sanvat (450-51) is related to the reign of Kumaragupta I.
  3. In the 1989 UNESCO has announced that Sanchi Stupa is a World heritage sites.
  4. The stupa of the actual brick was later covered with stones in Shuang’s time. On the basis of Ashokaism, it was believed that the stupa was broken in the second century.
  5. According to some people, foreigners who come to see the stupa also become Buddha’s devotees and they start worshiping them. Some types of festivals are also celebrated at the Buddhist Stupa.
  6. Sanchi stupa is considered to be very ancient in India. For the people of Buddhism, it is similar to a holy pilgrimage. The Stupa of Sanchi is said to be symbols of peace, holiness, religion and courage.
  7. Simplicity, generality, and beauty are the inspirational power of the sculpture of Sanchi. Buddha Stupa, Sanchi In this sculptor the statue of Gautama Buddha can not be found, because at that time Buddha was not worshiped as idol in the form of deity.
  8. Near the stupas of Sanchi, there are remains of a Buddhist monastery where the Buddhist monks lived. This is the huge stone bowl that gives food to the monks.
  9. The most famous Ashoka pillar, which contains four lions like that of Sarnath is found in Sanchi as well and these are constructed in a Greco-Buddhist style.
  10. Sanchi Stupa gone through restoration work between 1912 and 1919, under the supervision of Sir John Marshall.
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