Meenakshi Temple Information:

Meenakshi Sundareswar temple or Meenakshi Temple is a historical temple situated in Madurai Nagar of Tamil Nadu state of India. This Hindu deity is dedicated to both Shiva and his goddess Parvati. It is worth mentioning that the fish is a royal symbol of Pandya kings. This temple is the lifeline of the Tamil language house of 2500 years old Madurai city. The temple is at the center of the ancient temple city of Madurai mentioned in the Tamil Sangam literature, with the goddess temple mentioned in 6th century CE texts.

Meenakshi Temple History:

The main sanctum of the temple is believed to be 3500 years old. This temple is also one of India’s richest temples. Architectural and architecture of this magnificent temple is also very interesting. This temple has been nominated in seven wonders. There are 12 grand Gopurams in this building, which have fine artwork. This temple has been described in detail in the Tamil literature since ancient times.

Quick Info About Meenakshi Temple:

Place Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
Height 52 Meter
Architect Viswanatha Nayak
Architectural Style Dravidian architecture

Interesting Facts about Meenakshi Temple:

  1. Meenakshi Mandir is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati who was known as Meenakshi.
  2. Meenakshi Temple was constructed in the 16th century in Dravidian architecture.
  3. The temple was rebuilt by the Hindu Nayaka dynasty ruler Vishwanatha Nayakar in the 16th and 17th century.
  4. This is the tallest building in the south is 160 feet high.
  5. The temple is a major pilgrimage destination within the Shaivism tradition, dedicated to Meenakshi Devi and Shiva.
  6. Inside the temple there is a huge statue is installed of Lord Ganesh which is made by the stone by cutting it.
  7. Meenakshi Thirukalyanam, which is held in Chaitra month (in the middle of April), is one of the most important festivals associated with Meenakshi Temple.
  8. It is said that in the 14th century, Mughal Muslim commander Malik Kafur looted the temple and took away valuable jewels and gems from the temple.
  9. The Meenakshi temple also includes Lakshmi, flute playing Krishna, Rukmini, Brahma, Saraswati, other Vedic and Puranic deities, as well as artwork showing narratives from major Hindu texts.
  10. There are 12 grand gopurams in this building group, which are highly detailed artisans.
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