Indian Air Force (IAF) Pilots

IAF Pilots or more known as India’s defenders are the fourth’s biggest air force in the world. They are next to the United States, Russia and China. This is because the population of India is also big enough to compose such air army. Being the air space defenders of India, they too have a lot of trainings to complete before the IAF Pilots can be accepted on the field. There are some requirements that they need to comply with just like the military trainings anywhere in the world. The quality of the IAF Pilots when it comes to performance and training is also on a high standard because they have a big population to protect although there is always room for improvement.

The application for the position of IAF Pilots usually starts in January or February of every year. They make sure that applicants who will be hired are all single whether it is male or female. The reason for this is for practical purpose which means that it is easier for a single male or female to be deployed in places if he or she has no baggage unlike those family persons. There is also a requirement with regard to age. During application, he or she should be 19 to 23 years old. Most of us perhaps know already why this should be so. The younger the applicant, the easier it will be for him to be trained. Older ones often have a problem both physically and emotionally.

Although there is seventy two weeks of training at the IAF Pilot academy, this does not mean that anyone can just apply. Applicants will have to face the selection board after the aptitude or battery test and once they pass, they would have to go under medical examination. Everything has to pass the hard way in order to maintain the quality of training and the kind of IAF pilots in the country.

After all the trainings and the examination, what will become of these applicant-trainees will be IAF pilots who will be ready to serve the air force of India. They will be deployed either in a battle ground or simply in the field where they might need to stay put or continue training. The good thing about this job is that people give utmost respect to the job and somehow, this pays off well. IAF pilots certainly get what they deserve.

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