Indian Navy Air Traffic Control Officers

There is nothing better to do than to have served your country in the line of duty. In India, men and women are always allowed to participate in training courses that varies on their chosen line of service. Whether in the Air Force, Navy, or Army, each and every single one of these are very promising and great careers for Indians, men and women alike. One of the most promising careers at the Indian Navy is the career of an Indian Navy Air Traffic Control Officer.

But before becoming one of these, you must first participate in a course that will begin and commence on January of 2012, just a year from now. However, not every applicant will be accepted in this course as only unmarried men as well as women may be candidates for their service. This course will happen at the Indian Naval Academy or INA in Ezhimala, Kerala. Of course to become an Indian Navy Air Traffic Control Officer, you must first complete and finish the course as well as be a citizen of India.

The candidate must be born between the dates of the second of January, 1987 and first of July 1992. This means every candidate must only by at least nineteen and a half years old to twenty five years old. He or she must have a B Sc in Physics, Mathematics, and Electronics with at least sixty percent of the marks. Otherwise you must have an M Sc in the any of the same subjects with a minimum of fifty five percent of the marks. Before becoming a candidate to become an Indian Navy Air Traffic Control Officer, you must first have a minimum height of 157 cm for male and 152 cm for female with the correlated weight. Your eye sight must be acceptable at a distant vision of 6/9 that can be correctable to 6/6 with glasses. You must not be color or night blind.

The duty of ever single Indian Navy Air Traffic Control Officer is to monitor and control the air traffic within the lines. Since the Indian Navy has a lot of different naval fighters, a navy air traffic control officer is tasked with controlling their air traffic at all time as well as the air traffic made by other similar helicopters. This just proves it even further that this career is going to be fun.

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