Indian Navy Musician Sailor (NMER)

If you opt to apply for the Indian Navy Musician Sailor (NMER) examination, there are a few basic pieces of information that you should keep in mind before doing so. The application is only open to Indian citizens who are male and unmarried. If you surpass this qualification then you are very much welcome to apply, but if you do no pass the said qualifications, then you might be bound to other opportunities in India.

Additional qualifications include the following:

Age Limit: By the time of the Indian Navy Musician Sailor (NMER) examination, you should no be less than 17 years of age and not more than 20 years of age. But in case you are younger or older than the age limit you may qualify for the exemption list because of your exceptional talent, then the commission or the higher committee in charge can make an exemption. This is also a common case in other examinations being held in India; this was mandated in order to allow other citizens who have outstanding qualities to also be given a chance to work in their specified fields.

Minimum Education Qualification: All candidates should meet the standard education qualification as stated on the constitution of India.

Other Eligibility Conditions: You should be proficient in the language of music, basic and complex information about the art should also be present, and most especially you should be skillful in playing any musical instrument before you apply for the Indian Navy Musician Sailor (NMER) examination. The required types of instruments that the candidate should have knowledge of should be those derived from the Indian and Western culture which include the keyboard, string instruments, woodwind, instruments, percussion instruments, as well as the brass instruments.

Physical Attributes: The height requirement for the Indian Navy Musician Sailor (NMER) is 157 cms or 5”1’; but your body weight should also be proportional with your height. The examination body is also very skeptic when it comes to the proportionality of the candidates chest; and the expansion ability should be a minimum of 5 cms. You should also be in good shape emotionally, physically, and mentally. Any history of major diseases like cardiac problems may disqualify you for the position.

In the application process for the Indian Navy Musician Sailor (NMER) examination, you are required to follow the prescribed application format as stated in the advertisement usually published in the National Newspaper or other times in the Employment News.

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