Information Assistants Examination

Information assistants are those who provide information to people who seek information. They are referred as Paraprofessionals. They are not professional themselves, but they assist professionals. And if you want to become one, you need to undergo Information Assistants Examination.

Paraprofessionals are usually employed in Museums, Airports, Tourist Centers and other places where they needed an assistant to disseminate the information.  One of the work places of Information Assistant is the Library.  The Paraprofessionals in libraries do a lot of tasks in support with the work of a qualified library staff. These positions are usually taken by people who were not able to acquire the qualification to become a professional librarian.

Here is the Educational Qualification for you to become a Paraprofessional.

  • Bachelor’s Degree given by a recognized University
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Library Science
  • Experience equivalent to two years in a library.
  • There are organizations that require a minimum of 2 years experience in Computerization of Library.
  • And must pass the Information Assistant’s Examination

Another requirement is you need to be below 30 years of age, 18 years old to 28 years old is the preferred age.

If you have an experience with a job related to customer service, then you have an advantage, since the job of Paraprofessionals revolves in handling customers. It is also a plus if you have a knowledge in foreign language. You must also be adept with night shifts, as some require it. but first, you need to pass the Information Assistants Examination.

Here is the full job description of a Paraprofessional in a Library Setting.

  • Arrange the new materials being purchased.
  • Check on the status of reservations and loans through a central database
  • If there are over dues, you will issue fines.
  • If there are damaged resources, you will repair them.
  • You shelve the books
  • You undertake the basic enquiry work.

If you present a good work habits and performance, you may have the chance of promotion to the supervisory post. That is if you work in a large library. However, the career prospect for those who did not have the professional qualification is limited.

Here is the overview of the work of Information Assistant in a Library setting. If you are interested, just make sure that you are qualified with the educational qualifications first, and then pass the Information Assistants Examination, to really qualify for the position. Also make sure that you pass with the age requirement.

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