Institute of Rail Transport (Diploma courses)

Courses and requirements when planning to enroll at the Institute of Rail transport:

Career through the railways can be achieved since it is a growing and improving business. The Institute of Rail Transport in New Delhi, India offers diploma courses for people who want to earn a living through railways. The Institute of Rail Transport (Diploma courses) offers about 5 courses. Most of these courses have direct influence and application in rail transportation while others are accredited by the Institute to have a possible career in the railway industry.

Railways have improved these days for faster time travel. Aside from the usual mode of transportation, the use of train is an easy access. People are able to move from one place to another via land travel without passing through rough roads, experiencing traffic and the cost is quite affordable. Today, most countries in Europe, Northern America, India, China and others have been using trains not only as a mode of transportation but it also carries goods, metals and other supplies from one place to another. The Institute of Rail Transport (Diploma courses) helps students to become trained personnel, manage operations and eventually earn promotions in their respective fields.

The Institute of Rail Transport (Diploma courses) includes: Transport Economics and Management, Rail Transportation and Management, Railway Engineering, Port- Development and Management, Port-Development and Management, Railway engineering, and Multi-modal transport and Logistics Management. These courses can last from one to two years. However, before taking the desired course, there certain pre-requisite courses taken.  For instance, in the first two mentioned courses, applicant should have Diploma in any Engineering courses. Also, someone wants to take Railway engineering, a 3-year Engineering Diploma together with any math and science subject should be taken.

If an applicant wishes to submit the necessary requirements to avail any of the Institute of Rail Transport (Diploma courses) they should pass the applications in the Institute of Rail Transport together with their certificates and payments which can either be cash or through Crossed Demand Draft addressed to the institute. It should be sent in April or May except for the second desired course since it can be passed starting January. The deadline of the applications is on the 15th of November.

Once the applicant passed, the tuition should be paid during the enrollment. Course fees would run from Rs 650, Rs 1000, Rs 2800 to Rs 6000. Course syllabus and requirements would be further explained upon enrollment or when asking the office affairs of the Institute of Rail Transport.

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