Intelligence Bureau Acio (Wireless Telegraphy)

The Indian Intelligence Bureau has opened its doors for the submission of applications for the position of Intelligence Bureau Acio (Wireless Telegraphy), also called the Intelligence Bureau Assistant Central Intelligence Officer. The Intelligence Bureau Acio (Wireless Telegraphy), works directly under the Indian Intelligence Bureau, the country’s primary internal intelligence branch serving under the ministry of home affairs of the ruling Indian government. This Bureau’s function is to gather information, more appropriately termed as intelligence, and use this information to plan the steps to be taken by the Indian Military Forces. The information gathered has a variety of uses for the military, such as counter-intelligence and to foil any terrorist plots.

Applicant for the position of Intelligence Bureau Acio (Wireless Telegraphy), must go through an entrance examination that is to be issued by the Intelligence Bureau itself, and any applicant looking to join the ranks of Intelligence Bureau officers must pass this examination in order to move to the next stage of the application to be an Assistant Central Intelligence Officer, the application forms for this particular course can be downloaded online and sent to the corresponding email address.

The requirements that an applicant must possess before applying for the Intelligence Bureau Acio (Wireless Telegraphy) examination include the following; with an age not over 27 as of the receipt of the application form, and an educational attainment of at least a college degree, basic computer knowledge and skills would also be appreciated. Applicants must send their application letters along with the different requirements and fees before the deadline of a particular exam, they should also make sure that these applications are complete since an incomplete application may be grounds for rejection.

A number of written exam centers all spread all across India for the benefit of the examinees, all in all, there are 32 sites in different towns and cities all over the country. The written exam consists of a number of questions that will test applicants in different knowledge areas, these include; the General knowledge section, Math and Reasoning section, and knowledge in the English Language. The whole of the written exams will be accomplished in a single session and the average score for the different sections will determine if an applicant will get through to the next round or not. The applicants who have garnered satisfactory scores in the written exams will then be notified thru email about their status and where the next portion of the application, which is the interview, will be conducted

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Hii.. I’ve applied for the post… However, I am confused as to what would be the question pattern and what would be the syllabus… What can be the level of mathematics and reasoning..??
Please update…

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