Intelligence Bureau Junior Intelligence Officer

India’s Intelligence Bureau is recognized as the oldest intelligence agency in the world; but it has not always been a smooth ride for the bureau ever since it was formed back in the 1800’s. Today, many people from all walks of life, young or old, are already trying to fill in open positions in order to become part of this world renowned institution that can even bring prestige to your name.

Among the most sought after position is the Intelligence Bureau Junior Intelligence Officer. Like any other job position, you have to pass all the needed requirements in order to be qualified and shortlisted for the open opportunity.

The following include the qualifications in order to get the chance to work as an Intelligence Bureau Junior Intelligence Officer:

Age Limit: Applicants should not be more than 32 years in age. But if you are a SC/ST candidate, age can be adjusted to an additional of five years; and if you are an OBC candidate, age limit can be adjusted to an additional of three years.

Other qualifications: A candidate should possess a valid driver’s license, should be knowledgeable in the mechanism of motor parts, and should have at least three years of driving experience. In addition, you can also apply if you have qualifications which are also equivalent to the stated credentials.

In submitting your qualifications, you should be possess the said requirements without making any changes in your certifications because the bureau will ask you to undergo a test before you are scheduled for an interview to land the Intelligence Bureau Junior Intelligence Officer job.

In the first part of the examination, you will be asked to perform a few basic mechanical jobs or activities in conjunction with the qualification that you should have knowledge on how a motor’s mechanism works. Once you pass the first half, then you will already proceed to the driving test. In this test, you will be given a route that you will have to follow while driving in order to check your driving skills because as a Intelligence Bureau Junior Intelligence Officer you should know how to drive.

Once you pass the practical examinations, you will already be asked to go for an interview. The venue will be provided by the bureau and you will be updated once it has been scheduled.

In order to apply, all you have to do is to complete all the documentation and get a copy of the application form and then you are to send it via ordinary post to the bureau.

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