Interesting Fast Facts about Indian History Part-III

  • Aurangzeb defeated and killed his elder brother Dara and ascended the Mughal throne after the battle of Samugarh fought in the years 1658-59
  • Shivaji died in the year 1680
  • British under Clive defeated the Nawab of Bengal Siraj-ud-daulah, and paved the way for British power in India after the rattle of Plassey fought in the year 1757
  • The British under Clive defeated Nawab of Carnatic and French in the second Anglo-French War fought in the years 1748 – 54
  • Shivaji was born in the year 1627
  • English East India Company was formed in the year 1600
  • Ahmed Shah Abdali, the Afghan chief, defeated the Marathas in the third battle of Panipat fought in the year 1761
  • The third Anglo-French War was fought during the years 1758 – 63
  • The English got Diwani rights in Bengal, Bihar and Orissa in the year 1765
  • Second Anglo-Mysore War was fought during the years 1780 – 84
  • Third Anglo-Mysore War was fought during the years 1790 – 92
  • Battle of Wandiwash was fought in the year 1760
  • Nadir Shah, ruler of (ran invaded India in the year 1739
  • Sir Thomas Roe visited Jahangir in the year 1615
  • Permanent settlement of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa was done in the year 1793
  • British forces defeated Tipu Sultan in the fourth Anglo- Mysore War fought in the year 1799
  • First Anglo-Maratha War was fought during the years 1775 – 82
  • Aurangzeb died in the year 1707
  • Combined forces of Nawab of Bengal, Oudh and fugitive Mughal emperor were defeated by the British in the battle of Buxar fought in the year 1764
  • First Anglo-Mysore War was fought during the years 1767 – 69
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