Investigators Examination

Pave Your Career Path and Take the Investigators Examination:

Does crime investigating series interest you? Do you like solving crimes—so much that you find yourself formulating hypothesis and conclusions to not yet solved cases and unsolved cases in your community? If yes, then have you might just be fit to travel the career road that leads to becoming a successful investigator someday. Why not try taking the Investigators Examination?

To apply, just complete a registration form that is given to you by your NIE liaison contact. Here, you will write down your background data such as your biographical profile which includes simple information such as your name, civil status and gender. This is simply taken as a candidate profile and will not be used as a basis for passing the test. It will only be relevant in matching the requirements needed for your eligibility. After filling it up, you would return the form to the NPIA via delivery, faxing, or electronic mail. Beforehand, give a warning to your NIE liaison if you plan to finally submit your application for an examination.

The Investigators Examination is an objective type of examination consisting of multiple-choice questions. The exam will test your knowledge regarding the law and procedure important to the duties and responsibilities of a trainee investigator. This is the first phase of the Initial Crime Investigators’ Development Program. The exam will be composed of eighty questions that you must be able to answer within the time period of two hours.

Before being eligible to take the Investigators Examination and become a candidate for the post, you would need to meet the standards set by the agency. A candidate must be a legal citizen of India, a subject of Nepal, a subject of Bhutan or a Tibetan refugee who went to India before January 1 of 1962 with the purpose of settling down in India. Last but not the least, you can be eligible if you have an Indian origin who migrated from other countries such as  Burma, Sri Lanka, Malawi, Zambia, Uganda, Zaire and Vietnam who would be permanently settling down in India.  These other candidates must have a certificate of eligibility coming from the Government of India.

For Investigators Examination, should be ages twenty to twenty-eight years old as of August of the year examination. With the educational attainment, qualified applicants should have a degree with Mathematics, Statistics or Economics taken from a recognized university. Others with Honours Degree should have the said subjects as the main subject in their course and not as minor or subsidiary subjects. Candidates should be able to read, write and communicate the state language. It is also a must for candidates to be able to understand other regional languages. One must be also capable to perform strenuous outdoor work and possess physical strength and endurance.

These are some of the things you have to bear in mind before applying for an Investigators Examination. Remember to fully comply with the above mentioned requirements so that your application process will be bump-free. Good luck on your exam!

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