Janshatabdi Express Trains

Janshatabdi Express trains are considered the fastest trains in Indian railways. It is known to connect all the metropolitan states in India. As its name is depicted, “Jan” for “people” and “shatabdi” as in the fastest trains. It is similar as Shatabdi Express trains, the only difference between janshatabdi and shatabdi is that they are of simpler form. It also consists of AC and non-AC accommodation with lesser ticket fare. Food is not included in the ticket fees but one can easily buy any kind of food snacks, breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea, etc… from the pantry car available at every station.

In between from source to respective destination, Janshatabdi Express trains stops at various important stations even more than shatabdi trains. One can easily buy food or any important stuff from there. It is popular among middle-class people who are willing to afford a limited amount of ticket. It is fully air-conditioned and proper discharge control toilet system is available in it. The timings for this train are mainly in the morning and it reaches at the respective destination in that very day only. It is not divided between upper class and middle class coaches. All have same coaches with 3-4 sleeper berths as well.

Train No.Train NameDeparture StationDep. TimeTrain DestinationArr. Time
5697Lumding Lower Haflong Hill Queen ExpressLumding09:45Lower Haflong13:30
5698Lower Haflong Lumding Hill Queen ExpressLower Haflong13:45Lumding17:30
12021Howrah Barabil Jan Shatabdi ExpressHowrah06:20Barabil13:15
12022Barabil Howrah Jan Shatabdi ExpressBarabil13:45Howrah20:50
12023Howrah Patna Jan Shatabdi ExpressHowrah14:05Patna22:15
12024Patna Howrah Jan Shatabdi ExpressPatna05:45Howrah13:25
12051Mumbai Madgaon Jan Shatabdi ExpressMumbai05:10Madgaon14:10
12052Madgaon Mumbai Jan Shatabdi ExpressMadgaon14:30Mumbai23:20
12053Haridwar Amritsar Jan Shatabdi ExpressHaridwar14:35Amritsar21:45
12054Amritsar Haridwar Jan Shatabdi ExpressAmritsar07:00Haridwar13:55
12055New Delhi Dehradun Jan Shatabdi ExpressNew Delhi15:25Dehradun21:10
12056Dehradun New Delhi Jan Shatabdi ExpressDehradun05:10New Delhi11:15
12057New Delhi Una Himachal Jan Shatabdi ExpressNew Delhi14:35Una Himachal22:10
12058Una Himachal New Delhi Jan Shatabdi ExpressUna Himachal05:00New Delhi12:00
12059Kota H.Nizamuddin Jan Shatabdi ExpressKota06:00H Nizamuddin12:30
12060H.Nizamuddin Kota Jan Shatabdi ExpressH Nizamuddin13:20Kota19:40
12061Habibganj Jabalpur Jan Shatabdi ExpressHabibganj17:40Jabalpur22:55
12062Jabalpur Habibganj Jan Shatabdi ExpressJabalpur06:00Habibganj11:35
12063Haridwar Una Himachal Jan Shatabdi ExpressHaridwar14:35Una Himachal22:10
12064Una Himachal Haridwar Jan Shatabdi ExpressUna Himachal05:00Haridwar13:55
12067Guwahati Jorhat Town Jan Shatabdi ExpressGuwahati06:30Jorhat Town13:10
12068Jorhat Town Guwahati Jan Shatabdi ExpressJorhat Town13:55Guwahati20:45
12069Raigarh Gondia Jan Shatabdi ExpressRaigarh06:25Gondia13:25
12070Gondia Raigarh Jan Shatabdi ExpressGondia15:00Raigarh22:00
12071Mumbai Aurangabad Jan Shatabdi ExpressMumbai13:50Aurangabad20:35
12072Aurangabad Mumbai Jan Shatabdi ExpressAurangabad06:00Mumbai12:45
12073Howrah Bhubaneswar Jan Shatabdi ExpressHowrah13:35Bhubaneswar20:20
12074Bhubaneswar Howrah Jan Shatabdi ExpressBhubaneswar06:20Howrah12:50
12075KozhikodeTrivandrum Jan Shatabdi ExpressKozhikode13:35Trivandrum20:55
12076Trivandrum Kozhikode Jan Shatabdi ExpressTrivandrum06:00Kozhikode13:05
12077Chennai Vijayawada Jan Shatabdi ExpressChennai07:00Vijayawada13:35
12078Vijayawada ChennaiJan Shatabdi ExpressVijayawada14:35Chennai21:10
12079Bangalore HubliJan Shatabdi ExpressBangalore06:00Hubli13:25
12080Hubli Bangalore Jan Shatabdi ExpressHubli14:00Bangalore21:25
12081Kozhikode Trivandrum Jan Shatabdi ExpressKozhikode06:15Trivandrum13:45
12082Trivandrum Kozhikode Jan Shatabdi ExpressTrivandrum14:20Kozhikode22:05
12083Mayiladuturai Coimbatore Jan Shatabdi ExpressMayiladuturai14:40Coimbatore21:20
12084Coimbatore Mayiladuturai Jan Shatabdi ExpressCoimbatore07:00Mayiladuturai13:40
12365Patna Ranchi Jan Shatabdi ExpressPatna06:15Ranchi13:50
12366Ranchi Patna Jan Shatabdi ExpressRanchi14:30Patna22:15
13108Kolkata Dhaca Cantt Maitree ExpressKolkata07:10Dhaca Cantt18:00
13109Dhaca Cantt Kolkata Maitree ExpressDhaca Cantt07:10Kolkata18:00
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