List of Famous Peoples who passed away in 2009

List of Famous Peoples who passed away in 2009 Year:- Here is a list of most famous celebrities of the world who passed away in Year 2009.

List of Deaths & Obituaries of famous persons in 2009:-  

Person Date of Death Profession Country
Brittany Murphy 20 December Actress United States
Claude Levi-Strauss 20 November Anthropologist France
Lino Lacedelli 30 October Mountaineer Italy
William Ganz 16 November Cardiologist United States
Edward Woodward 11 November Actor United Kingdom
Robert Enke 10 November Goalkeeper Germany
Simple Kapadia 18 November Actress India
Abrar Alvi 10 November Actor India
Ghulam Hassan Sofi 09 November Singer India
B.Shankaranand 20 November Politician India
Patrick Swayze 14 September Actor United  States
Army Archerd 08 September Columnist United  States
Les Paul 12 August Guitarist United  States
Dominick Dunne 26 August Writer United  States
DJ AM 28 August Musician United States
Walter Cronkite 17 July Broadcaster United States
Steve McNair 04 July Footballer United States
Michael Jackson 25 June Singer United States
Farrah Fawcett 25 June Actress United States
Ed McMahon 23 June Comedian United States
David Carradine 03 June Actor United States
Bea Arthur 25 April Actress United  States
Natasha Richardson 18 March Actress United  States
Ron Silver 15 March Actor United  States
Andrew Wyeth 16 January Visual artist United  States
Ricardo Montalban 14 January Actor United  States
Jett Travolta 02 January Actress United  States

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