List of Famous Peoples who passed away in 2017

List of Famous Peoples who passed away in 2017 Year:- Here is a list of most famous celebrities of the world who passed away in Year 2017.
List of Deaths and Obituaries of famous persons in 2017:-

Date of Death Person Country with Profession
01 January Abis Rizvi Indian Entrepreneur And Filmmaker
02 January John Berger British Novel Writer
03 January H. S. Mahadev Prasad Indian Politician
04 January Abdul Haleem Zafar Khan Indian Sitar And Musician
04 January Big Fateh Ali Khan Lung Infection
05 January Gangmui Kamai Indian Teacher And Politician
06 January Om Puri Indian Actor
07 January Mario Soares Portuguese Politician, President (1986-1996)
07 January Ramanuj Devanathan Indian Sanskrit Scholar
10 January Big Gray American Piano Player
12 January Sudindar Chandra Dasgupta Indian Politician
14 January Surjit Singh Barnala Indian Politician, Governor Of Tamil Nadu (2004-2011)
26 January Alexander Kadakin Russian Diplomat, Ambassador To India (From 1999-2004, 2009)
31 January John Watten British Singer-Music Author
01 February Asim Basu Indian Theater Director
01 February E. Ahmed Indian Politician, External Affairs Minister (2004-2014)
01 February Ashish Taseesedi Congo Politician, Prime Minister (1991, 1992-1993, 1997)
02 February Shunichiro Okano Japanese Footballer
03 February Dithero Augolli Albanian Writer
04 February Bano Kudasia Pakistani Writer
05 February Suranjit Sengupta Bangladeshi Politician
06 February Raymond Smullyn American Mathematician And Philosopher
07 February Tzvetan Todorov Bulgarian-French Philosopher
07 February Rabin Sengupta Indian Photographer
07 February Hans Rosling Educators Of Sweden
08 February Peter Mansfield English Doctor, Nobel Prize Winner In Medicine (2003)
10 February Pete Caesar Dutch Football Players (Ajax, National Team)
12 February Al Jarrevu American Jazz And Singer
12 February Hamida Khusro Pakistani Politician, Writer And Historian
13 February Kim Jong-Nam North Korean Politician
13 February Satyapal Vaahi Corporate Officer
14 February B.B. Bhattacharya Indian Economist And Professor
16 February Janice Connellys Greek-Italian Artist
16 February Dick Bruna Dutch Writer And Painter
17 February Tom Reagan American Philosophical And Animal Rights Attorney
17 February Ved Prakash Sharma Indian Writer
18 February Michael Ozio Papua New Guinea Politician
19 February Almatash Kabir Indian Judges
01 March Tarak Mehta Gujarati Literature
06 March Joachim Baxla Indian Politician
09 March Anne Beach British Actress
11 March Cheyenar Ravi Indian Film Director
14 March Nitin Kapoor Indian Filmmaker
21 March Govind Talwalkar Indian Journalist And Editor
28 March T.R. Blind Carnage Indian Lawyer
01 April Nelson Elliott Canadian Politician
03 April Kishori Amonkar Indian Singer
12 April Akhilesh Das Indian Politician
17 April Sean Scanlane Scottish Actor
24 April Glory Anne Canada, Actress
27 April Vinod Khanna Hindi Film Actor And Politician
30 April Preston Hennon American Entrepreneur
03 May Georgie Collins Canada, Actress
05 May Line Indus Indian Actress
15 May S. Ramasamy Former Chief Minister Of Puducherry
18 May Rea Applied Indian Film And Stage Actress
18 May Anil Madhav Dave Indian Politician
26 May Kanwar Pal Singh Gill Indian Police Officer
01 June Ernest Nicole Ackerley Footballers Of England
06 June Ranjit Kelly South African Photographer
09 June Adam West American Actor
12 June C. Narayan Reddy Indian Poet
20 June Friedrich Skagen Norway Writer
25 June Elsa Daniel Argentine Film Actress
30 June Minckton Das Indian Actor
02 July Madhukar Tordamal Indian Playwright, Actor, Director
09 July Sumita Sanyal Indian Film Actress
21 July Peter Dahan Australian Tennis Player
24 July Udupi Ramchandra Rao Indian Physics Researcher
24 July Yashpal Indian Scientist And Educationist
27 July Sam Shepard American Playwright
28 July Inder Kumar Indian Actor
28 July John Morris American Picture Editor
30 July Ustad Saiduddin Dagar Indian Dhrupad Singer
08 August Glen Campbell American Singer
09 August Sanwar Lal Jat Indian Politician
10 August Route Faw German-Pakistani Moist And Doctor
10 August Sitaram Panchal Indian Actor
14 August Bhakti Yadav Indian Gynecologist
04 September Sultan Ahmed Indian Politician
13 September Pp Rao Indian Lawyer
16 September Arjan Singh Indian Air Marshal Marshall
17 September Mohammad Taslimuddin Indian Politician
20 September Shakeela Indian Actress
21 September Lillian Betencourt French Businessman
29 September Tom Alter Indian Film And Stage Actor
04 October Atica Bano Indian Educationists
07 October Kundan Shah Indian Film Director And Writer
11 October Deena Reader Indian Actress
15 October Punyashalok Dasgupta Indian Poet
22 October George Young British-Australian Musician
24 October Girija Devi Indian Classical Singer
30 October M. V. Sridhar Indian Cricketer
03 November Abdur Rahman Biswas Former President Of Bangladesh
10 November Mohan Kumar Indian Director
14 November Jagdish Mohan Indian Singer
19 November Yana Nowoutna Tennis Player Of The Czech Republic
22 November Biju Fukan Assamese Film Actor
26 November Khwaja Akmal Pakistani Actor And Comedian
30 November Abi Habib Indian Actor
01 December Adarsh ​​Sen Anand Former Chief Justice Of India
04 December Shashi Kapoor Indian Actor
05 December Johnny Hallyday French Singer
10 December Dinesh Chandra Nath Former Special Director Of Intelligence Bureau (IB)
14 December Neeraj Vora Indian Film Director
19 December Tong Zhipeng Chinese Scientist
31 December Arvind Joshi Indian Computer Scientist


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