List of India’s Position in the World with field

Read about a list of International Ranking of India in the World with important field. These field are mostly asked as Question in Competitive Exam.

Position Field First position before India
First Postal Network
First Livestock Population
First Production of Milk
First Production of millets
First Consumer of Gold Jewellary
First Production of Jute
First Production of Ginger
First Production of Bananas
First Production of Castor oil Seed
First Production of Mangoes
First Production of Safflower oil Seeds
First Production of papayas
First Deposits of Thorium
Second Production of Tea China
Second Production of Sugacane Brazil
Second Production of wheat China
Second Production of Onion China
Second Production of Potatoes China
Second Production of Garlic China
Second Production of Rice China
Second Production of Cottonseed China
Second Production of Cement
Second Arable Land USA
Second Consumer of fertiliser
Third Production of fertiliser
Seventh Agriculture Area China
First Buffalo Stocks
Third Sheep Stocks China
Second Goat Stocks
Second Cattle Stocks Brazil
Sixth Hen Egg China
First Cow Milk Whole, Fresh
Third Cereals Production China
Fifth Coarse Grain Production USA
Second Cashew Nuts Production Brazil
Second Groundnut Production China
Third Coconuts Production Indonesia
First Coir Production
Fourth Natural Rubber Production Thailand
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