List of International Organisation

Below the list List of International Organisation and Established Year and Headquarters. It very helpful for exam. So read it carefuly.

International Organizations Established year Headquarters
International Labour Organization 1919 Geneva (Switzerland)
International Telecommunication Organization 1865 Geneva (Switzerland)
The International Civil Aviation Organization 1944 Montreal (Canada)
World Bank 1945 Washington, DC (USA)
Food and Agriculture Organisation 1945 Rome (Italy)
International Monetary Fund 1945 Washington, DC (USA)
UNESCO 1946 Paris, France)
The World Health Organization 1948 Geneva (Switzerland)
World Meteorological Organization 1951 Geneva (Switzerland)
The United National High Commissioner Refugees 1951 Geneva (Switzerland)
International Finance Corporation 1956 Washington, DC (USA)
International Atomic Energy Agency 1957 Vienna (Australia)
International Development Agency 1960 Washington, DC (USA)
UN Development program 1965 New York (USA)
World Intellectual Property Organization 1967 Geneva (Switzerland)
The United Nations Environment Fund 1873 Nairobi
Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization 1996 Vienna (Australia)
Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons 1997 The Hague (Netherlands)
World trade Organization 1995 Geneva (Switzerland)


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